Ohlone’s Esports Department launches Spring 2020 with its first class, ESPTS-101 Intro to Esports.

Esports Industry has experienced an explosive growth over the past five years. Esports is a dynamic industry, rapidly changing and expanding, and creating new careers paths as it grows. Industry professionals have expressed a strong interest in applicants that demonstrate a passion for esports as a career path. These esports classes will provide students with the big picture background and knowledge of the esports industry and community.

The new department of esports provides an umbrella for not only for specific esports classes which can be added to any of the existing degrees and certificates at Ohlone, but also allows for new courses addressing new skills emerging as the esports industry continues to evolve. Many of the current jobs in esports are new: they are the leading edge of the jobs that “students are studying for which haven’t been created yet.” 

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ESPTS-101 Intro to Esports




ESPTS 101 offers an overview of Esports, including


  • What are Esports?
  • Esports stereotypes and myths
  • Esports Facts and Figures
  • Collegiate Esports
  • Esports Careers
  • Esports Viewership
  • Hot Topics in Esports



Esports championship tournament

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Deborah Lemon, Faculty Advisor Renegade Esports
Department of Esports
(510) 402-6730