Facilities Tour Video Transcript: Green Room and Costume Shop- Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts

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Chris: This is the Alicia Marcella Green Room. I know it's not green, but that's what they call it. And it is a place where performers can gather before and during a performance where they can hang-out waiting to go on stage.

It's obviously a really nicely appointed place and we're really pleased to have it. It makes the tension of waiting to go on stage a lot more bearable. It's also where we have our big cookouts preparing food during long rehearsals or when we're striking a show.

Upstairs to the costume room now. We have a really nervous costume shop. We recently acquired some extra computers and a computerized costume pattern cutting program so we're going to begin teaching computer-aided costume design and drafting.

And look, we've surprised the costumer. This is Aggie DeLucchi who is our resident costume designer and teaches the costume and makeup classes. Say "hi," Aggie.

Aggie: Hi. You're taking my picture with lots of mess around me?

Chris: That's it. The costume shop is a very active place, especially right now. We're gearing up to create the costumes and special makeup for Dracula. Anyway, this is our costume shop, and as you can see, it's very bright and airy, well laid-out, and very filled with teaching stuff right now, including, as you can see, important research material. Bye, Aggie.

Aggie: Bye.

Chris: She's speechless.

Aggie: I am.

Chris: So come back down. It's constant evolution here. We're getting rid of the old 1950s-style drafting tables because they're big and clunky and we've replaced them in the design room with new smaller, friendlier tables because we're really moving from hand-drafting into computer-aided drafting. We want to really be giving our students the best tools that that we have available to go out and get work.