Facilities Tour Video Transcript: Jackson Theatre - Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts

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Chris:The Jackson is our main stage. Come on in. It is a modified theatre with a counterweight rigging system. It is a beautifully-equipt theatre. It's one of the nicest places I've ever worked. It has just about everything you could want here.

Right now it's not set-up for anything in particular except they're going to do some publicity photos on this scenery. And this was set up for a class demonstration about how to do power hookups for dimmers and automated lighting.

Come-on out and take a look at the auditorium, itself. It's really beautiful. It seats 400 people, and given how large the stage is, it's a very small auditorium, but what it does is it allows us very intimate performances of big shows. We can do a very large-scale production here, but still keep it very intimate. In fact, we can and have brought it all the way out here to the edge of the orchestra pit so it's very close to the audience.

I think we'll go down stairs and you can see some of our support facilities.

This is our counterweight rigging system. We have 36 line sets, including some motorized electrics and a big huge sound shell for orchestra performances.

Oh, come back and see the green room.