Facilities Tour Video Transcript: NUMMI Studio Theatre- Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts

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Chris: The NUMMI is our black box theatre. It is a wonderfully-equipt little flexible space where you can put the stage and seating in any arrangement that you want. It could be here, it could be over there, it could be in the middle with the action happening around. It is also very well-equippt for lighting, video, and sound. In fact, we've set-up a Dolby 5.1 Suroundsound system in here so that we can begin working in the suroundsound area.

Here's Steven. Steven designed the sets and wrote the script of our fall production of Dracula.

And up here, you can see the sets. I'm going to bring some lights up so perhaps you can see them a little better. Hopefully that helped a little bit.

This is one-half of the setting of Dracula and what's amazing is we're going to take it all down and move it into another theatre when we get ready to move in. It's just in here for rehearsal purposes. This is a great space for classrooms, acting spaces, lighting classes. We so our lighting classes in here. We do sound up in the sound booth, and, as you can see, we use it for rehearsals and performances as well.

So, on to the scene shop. A great thing about this space is it is directly linked right into our scene shop with these big doors so we can move large pieces of scenery right in and out.