Facilities Tour Video Transcript: Scene Shop- Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts

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Chris: Here we have the Ohlone College scene shop. It is a beautiful, bright, well-equipt scene shop. This is Fred giving instruction to some happy students. What are you guys learning?

Student: Staple guns.

Chris: Oh, you're handling nomadic tools. Okay, so we are fully-equipped with both normal electrical power tools as well as nomadics. And there's another webpage that will show you all about Dracula and the Dracula sets. So you can see it's pretty crowded here right now. We have the sets for two different shows in here at the moment.

And as you come out this way, again, watch your step; there's an air hose on the floor here. Got to be careful not to trip. That was Fred. This is Matt. Matt's one of our students. Say "hi," Matt.

Matt: Hey.

Chris: He loves it here. Come on and we're going to go into the Jackson Theatre.