Faculty Instructions: Program Improvement Objectives (PIOs) - Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment (SLOA) Committee

PIOs are due every Fall semester, by December 15.

PIOs should be completed in the Program Review Module in CurricUNET:

PIO Instructions

  • Put in your username and pw.
  • Go into Build Program Reviews.
  • Scroll down to find your RED Program Review for the current year.
  • Click the Pencil.
  • Click the PIO page link in the Review Checklist on the right in the yellow box.
  • To ADD a new PIO: fill out the appropriate boxes and click ADD; then Finish the page.
  • Can EDIT by clicking the Pencil next to the PIO you want to edit.
  • Can CUT/DELETE a PIO by clicking the scissors.
  • Finish the page.
  • Then LAUNCH it, by clicking the AUDIT button, which will appear once you Save and Finish each page. (No need to make changes on the other pages when doing PIOs.)

For more information on PIOs, see the College's Program Review website.

See also the President's Office Planning and Program Review website.