Field Trip to Prelite for Entertainment Design & Technology Students

Dome with lights.Dome theater project with 12,000 LED units for a casino in Macao, China.

In March 2009, several EDT students and their instructor, Matt O'Donnell, went on an exciting field trip to visit Prelite in Novato, California. Prelite is a pre-visualization company that has worked on many large entertainment events such as the Bon Jovi Tour and projects world wide.

Prelite uses 3D graphic software that interfaces with actual stage lighting control consoles and allows pre-programming of the lighting for an entire entertainment event using 3D scale graphics. This technology is cutting edge and is beginning to be used as a time and cost saver throughout the industry.

Hands working at keyboard.Ohlone College EDT student using the control station at Prelite.

Students were exposed to a current Prelite project in Macao, China. This project showed the development of a dome theater being built for a casino in Macao. This dome will contain 12,000 LED units and multiple projectors and moving lights. Students were lead through the process of the development and creation of the ongoing project. The Prelite staff were fantastic hosts, willing to demonstrate their systems and let students work with the control systems and equipment that is used to program the lighting and projection for the project.

Control station at Prelite SF.Prelite staff member demonstrating control system and equipment.