Financial Awareness Basics (FAB) - Financial Aid Office

Most students entering college have a vague understanding of what financial information is needed to be successful. They are aware of the need to save, but may not know why or how. Creating a budget is always talked about by parents, instructors, and the Financial Aid office but what does it look like? The media shines a light on fraud - but how do you protect yourself? Students pick a college major but how does that translate into a career?

ECMC - Educational Credit Management Corporation - is a nonprofit company providing services in support of higher education finance. They work to support college access and success, and provide students with tools and resources for planning and paying for college. The Financial Awareness Basics (FAB) Series is designed to help you make informed decisions about your financial future.

Below are links to different topics you may find useful. Click, read, and download the materials for future reference. The Ohlone Financial Aid office is supportive of ensuring students are educated about their finances and making informed choices for their future. (Note: The original PDF files from ECMC were altered to be accessible files according to ADA laws before being posted.)

FAB Series:

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