"I Can Afford College" - Financial Aid Office

Created by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, the "I Can Afford College" website helps students find financial aid. "Find the $5K" is the current sweepstakes promotion being offered.

Find the $5K - icanaffordcollegepr.com

To enter the sweepstakes and get more information, go to www.icanaffordcollegepr.com.

Building Futures through Financial Literacy - Money Matters Series

Clothing Budget

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average American spends About $1,800 on clothes each year. That's $150 a month! $150 could cover the monthly payment on $12,000 student loan.

Red Sale tag.Some ways to save on clothing expenses include buying…

  • Clothes that do not need to be dry cleaned
  • At thrift stores - you'd be surprised at the quality clothing available
  • Clothes on sale or clearance
  • Items that can easily be mixed to match with other clothes

Lots of credit cards lined up like dominoes forming a dollar sign.The Four C's of Credit

Capacity - Capacity is the ability to repay loan. Lenders want to know the borrowers:

  • Debt level
  • Income sources
  • Length of employment

Character - Will the borrower repay the Loan? The lender looks at his or her:

  • Types and amounts of credit used
  • Timely payment bills

Collateral - Is something of value that the borrower agrees to surrender if the loan is not repaid.

Capital - Capital is another word for the borrower's accumulation of wealth, measures in terms of: Net worth Other assets that could be used to repay the debt.

Brown paper lunch bag with sticky not: I'm saving $750 a year - or more!A $750 Lunch?

What's the value of your lunch? Get this: if you ate homemade lunches instead of buying them, you could expect to save at least $5 a day. Do this three times a week and you'll save at least $15. Practice this routine 50 weeks a year and the savings build to $750.

If you applied that $750 toward credit card payments, you would not only reduce your balcance dramatically, you'd also save on accumulated interest. Now, that's a real value.

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