Institutional Aid Programs


In response to COVID-19, the Ohlone College Foundation - in collaboration with Financial Aid Office and Business Services - has created an emergency fund to help our students who have been affected by this pandemic.

All currently registered Ohlone students may apply. Eligible students can request an emergency fund of up to $200.

To apply, please send an email to with a subject line titled: COVID-19 Emergency Fund Request.

We will then respond with the COVID-19 Emergency Grant Application for you to fill out.

Given the current state of the world, it seems that everyone has been affected in some way. The Ohlone College Foundation hopes to continue to support our students to the best of our ability.

Study Abroad

The instructor leading the trip will be different each term. Financial aid is generally used not to pay for the deposit or trip, but to reimburse those who help pay to meet the deadlines or for while they are abroad. Students may apply for the student loan. The final payment is required 70 days before departure. The 30% deposit must be paid earlier. For example, for a fall-term trip, the application fee is paid before mid-May, the final payment due before the end of June

When filing out the FAFSA or making corrections to the FAFSA, the housing code should be Away from Home since you will be abroad for one term. Keep in contact with your caseworker to be sure that your file is completed as quickly as possible. Also coordinate with the person processing the awards. A special disbursement may need to be arranged.

Funds need to be disbursed approximately a week before the departure. Funding will be processed through BankMobile as directed. If you are taking the loan for the term abroad only, more time is needed since 2 disbursements are required within the loan period.

Emergency Short-Term Loan (STL) Program

Ohlone College offers a limited Emergency Short-Term Loan (STL) Program that may allow students having financial difficulties to apply for funds up to $300 per semester. This loan must be repaid to Ohlone College within 60 days or by the end of the semester, whichever comes first. If the loan is not repaid on time, a "HOLD" will be placed on the student's records, and the account will be referred to an agency for collection. Any recovery fees will be charged to the borrower.

General Qualifications:

  • The student must be enrolled for at least six units.
  • Returning students must have completed their previous semester at Ohlone College with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Students must be Pell Grant or Direct Loan eligible.
Contact the Financial Aid Office for application information.If the student has borrowed previously from the College, the student must have a good repayment record.

Ohlone College Foundation Grants and Scholarship Programs

The Ohlone College Foundation provides grant, scholarship, and loan monies to eligible students. Through its fund raising efforts and individual donations, the Foundation provides funds for awards such as:

  • Ohlone Promise
  • Semester Abroad Scholarships
  • Honor Society Scholarships
  • Art League European Trip Scholarships
  • Valedictorian Scholarships
  • Associated Students of Ohlone College Scholarships
  • and Drama Department Scholarships

In addition, the Foundation funds the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Matching Grant Program, and the Nursing Book Grant Program.