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Institutional Aid Programs

Our school delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information:

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Study Abroad

The instructor leading the trip will be different each term. Financial aid is generally used not to pay for the deposit or trip, but to reimburse those who help pay to meet the deadlines or for while they are abroad. Students may apply for the student loan. The final payment is required 70 days before departure. The 30% deposit must be paid earlier. For example, for a fall-term trip, the application fee is paid before mid-May, the final payment due before the end of June

When filing out the FAFSA or making corrections to the FAFSA, the housing code should be Away from Home since you will be abroad for one term. Keep in contact with your caseworker to be sure that your file is completed as quickly as possible. Also coordinate with the person processing the awards. A special disbursement may need to be arranged.

Funds need to be disbursed approximately a week before the departure. Funding will be processed through BankMobile as directed. If you are taking the loan for the term abroad only, more time is needed since 2 disbursements are required within the loan period.

Private Loans

Private loans are available for Ohlone Students through a few Private lenders that work with most Community Colleges. Students are able to click on ELMSelect, where they will be able to view and research all private lenders that may offer Private loans to our students. Students will be able to compare Private loans from various lenders side by side to ensure that they are applying for a loan that best meets their needs. All students Applying for a private Loan are encouraged to complete a FAFSA application so that eligibility for Federal student aid can be established and awarded to eligible students.

Below is the process for applying for a Private Loan:

  1. Click on the ELMSelect Link and complete the application with the lender of your choice.
  2. Once application is complete (and approved), it will notify Ohlone College Financial Aid that your loan is ready for Certification.
  3. A Financial Aid Administrator will review your application for program and grad date accuracy, as well as requested amount to ensure that the amount does not exceed your School Cost of Attendance. Private loan must be requested for the entire award year and will be split up into a single disbursement each semester.
  4. Financial Aid Administrator will send an email to your email to confirm acceptance and certification of your private loan as well as the disbursement dates and amount.
  5. Once the funding is received by the Ohlone College Business office, they will work with BankMobile to disburse your funding to you. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:

Ohlone College reserves the right to deny a Private loan, even if approved by the loan lender, for a student if that student is eligible, and already receiving Federal Student Loans. This is a conscious effort on the colleges part to ensure that students are not borrowing more loan funding than needed to finance their educational costs. We do our best in trying to ensure that our student loan borrowers graduate from Ohlone College with and affordable and manageable loan debt once you have completed your educational goals.

For more information, please contact Thao Nguyen, Financial Aid Specialist, in the Financial Aid Office by phone at 510-659-6195, or by email at

Ohlone College Foundation Grants and Scholarship Programs

The Ohlone College Foundation provides grant, scholarship, and loan monies to eligible students. Through its fund raising efforts and individual donations, the Foundation provides funds for awards such as:

  • Ohlone Promise
  • Semester Abroad Scholarships
  • Honor Society Scholarships
  • Art League European Trip Scholarships
  • Valedictorian Scholarships
  • Associated Students of Ohlone College Scholarships
  • and Drama Department Scholarships

In addition, the Foundation funds the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Matching Grant Program, and the Nursing Book Grant Program.

Associated Students of Ohlone College Grant

ASOC Need-Based Grant BannerStudents Helping Students!!!!

  1. ASOC Need-Based Grant is for ALL the students (regardless of their status)
  2. Applications will open on Mar. 1 and close on Mar. 31.
  3. 20 students will be selected for the grant, and each will receive $250.
  4. Requirements: 5 units and 2.5 GPA