Financial Aid has made great strides in the implementation of technology in an effort to break down the barriers and complicated process that is Financial Aid. We understand our students and community needed new and update technology which would allow for more efficient processing, while improving the customer service we can now provide to our students, employees and community. We have now implemented 5 new technologies and informational resources that our Students, employees and community can utilize 24/7, so that we can increase access and provide flexibility in all aspects of financial aid for all.

  • Student Forms
  • Financial Aid TV
  • Ohlone Chatbot
  • Financial Aid Self-Service
  • Financial Aid Presentation Request Form


Ohlone Student forms is a brand new platform that allows students to access all financial aid forms digitally. This platform walks students through completing those difficult financial aid forms that require detailed information, as well as allowing students to upload their documentation directly to the site through various devices. Student Forms will now allow students to get through the Verification process quicker and with a better understanding of the items that are needed to receive their Financial Aid. This platform notifies students electronically by email and text message during every step of the process, so that students and parents are aware of any additional documentation needed and when the file is complete.

With Student Forms, students now have the ability to do the following;

  • Upload documents in a secure manner directly to the platform (with a computer, tablet, or other mobile device)
  • E-Sign Documents for both student & parent
  • Check the status and receive notification of the status of their financial aid file (email & text messaging)
  • Complete documents in a step by step manner so that you are not flustered with a bunch of information and questions at one time
  • Complete the Verification Process for your student file
  • Request a Professional Judgement for various reasons (Income Adjustment, Cost of Attendance Adjustment, Increased Expenses)
  • Request a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal if you are not meeting SAP standards

If your Student forms account requires a Password reset or needs to be unlocked due to several log in attempts, please contact the financial adi office directly so that we can take care of that for you. 

NOTE: Ohlone IT department is not able to unlock or reset your Student Forms account for you.


Financial Aid TV is a new and exciting way for our students to receive financial aid knowledge and answers to their Financial Aid questions 24/7. This 200+ video library has short 1-2 minute videos that cover financial aid material from A-Z for students and many others in our community. Videos can be viewed either on your computer, a tablet or mobile device at anytime during the day or night. This is in the hope that our student and community members would have a resource that they could turn to that would answer general and even so more specific questions you may have, even during non-business hours.


Videos consist of a variety of topics;

  • Financial Aid (Grants, Scholarships, State Aid, Verification, SAP, PJ, Cost of Attendance...etc)
  • Veterans Benefits (Applying for Benefits, what are VA benefits)
  • Counseling & EOPS (Meeting a Counselor, EOPS Program, Cal Works, CARES)
  • Financial Literacy (Budgeting, Credits Cards, Identity Fraud, Credit Score)

Videos for all types;

  • Students
  • Parent
  • Counselors (High School & Post Secondary)
  • Veterans


Take some time to meet RENY!!! Reny is Ohlone College's new Ai Chatbot that is here to answer your questions 24/7 for all aspects of Student Services. Reny can be found in the bottom right hand corner of most of the Ohlone College web pages. Reny is ready and able to answer all of your questions, and if unable to, will put you in contact with the department or individual who can. Reny will forward the complete transcript of your conversation to a designated individual who will contact you in regards to your question.

The following departments are currently using RENY to address questions that Students and our community members may have in regards to our departments and their various services;

  • Financial Aid
  • Admissions & Records
  • Counseling
  • Health Services
  • Extended Opportunities Programs & Services
  • Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education
  • CalWORKS
  • Foster Youth
  • Student Accessibility Services
  • Title IX


Control your own Financial Journey!!!! Financial aid at the touch of a button is now here with FA Self-Service. Students now have control and in-depth information of all their financial aid funding. Student will now be able to accept their Financial assistance, deny other assistance, request for additional assistance and so much more. In working to be as transparent as possible for our Ohlone students, we felt this was a great leap forward in that goal. All aspects of a students financial aid will be available through self-service as well as a glossary and explanation of all funding sources and what they mean. The power to save certain funding and not use other funding is now at the students discretion and will now allow our students to make their own financial choices.

Services that you will be able to access through Self-Service;

  • Accept/Reject/Modify Financial Aid awards
  • Receive a step-by-step checklist of the items you must complete in the Financial Aid process
  • A detailed description of all aid that is offered to you and the ability to designate the terms you would like to use it
  • College Financing Plan
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress status and description (Shows your GPA and Unit Completion Rate as well as 150% Max timeframe)
  • Student can input any outside scholarships they are expecting to receive for the award year
  • E-sign award letters

Students will need to follow these steps in order to access FA Self-Service:

  1. Log into Web Advisor using your Ohlone Log In
  2. Locate "Financial Aid" section in the bottom left side
  3. Click on "Financial Aid Checklist"
  4. Once in FA Self-Service you will be able to click on the Blue Financial Aid link at the top to navigate through the different FA Screens

NOTE: Please be sure to Log out of your FA Self-Service Session in the top right hand corner before you close your browser.


In an effort to increase Financial Aid Awareness and literacy both on and off the Ohlone Campus, Financial Aid now has a new Financial Aid Presentation Request Form. This form will allow you to request several different types of Financial aid presentations based on the type of information you would like to share with your Class, Organization, School or business.

Understanding basic financial aid and the rights and responsibilities of students regarding financial aid is intricate to being a successful and financially savvy student. This can assist with giving you a realistic expectation of what financial debt you  could experience as a student, or better yet, how to avoid any and all financial debt you could incur. Financial Aid presentations can also assist you well after you have graduated and have been out of school, so Ohlone College would like to be able to assist you with this.

Financial Aid topics include the following;