Rights and Responsibilities - Financial Aid Office

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Ohlone College takes Responsibility for the following

  1. The assessment of satisfactory academic progress as a condition of financial aid eligibility. The Financial Aid staff will work in conjunction with the Office of Admissions and Records to assess a student's progress as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  2. The Counseling Department assists the financial aid applicant with development of educational objectives and with recommendations of ability to benefit.

  3. The Financial Aid staff will notify the student of his or her financial aid eligibility, the basis for the determination, procedures for appeal, and/or re-instatement of aid.

  4. The Financial Aid Office, with assistance from the College, will publicize the satisfactory standards in any of the following forms:

    • Student Financial Aid Handbook
    • consumer information
    • brochures
    • College newspaper
    • College catalog
    • and flyers.

The Student must take Responsibility for the following

  1. Review, understand, and consider all information about Ohlone College academic programs and regulations before enrolling. Please refer to the current College catalog.

  2. Complete all the application forms accurately and submit them on time. All errors must be corrected before any financial aid can be released. Intentional misreporting of information on application forms for federal financial aid is a violation of the law and is considered a criminal offense subject to penalties under the U.S. Criminal Code.

  3. Promptly return all additional documentation, verification, corrections, copies, and/or new information requested by the Financial Aid Office.

  4. Read and understand all forms that you are asked to sign. You should keep a copy of everything you sign or submit for a signature. It is a good idea to start a personal financial aid file of these documents - they are important and you will need them for years.

  5. Notify the lender (if you have a loan) of a change in your name, address or college status.

  6. Perform the work that is agreed upon in accepting a Federal Work-Study award.

  7. Know and comply with the deadlines for application or re-application for aid.

Please be advised that if you are awarded any financial aid, you will be required to sign a statement declaring your educational goal and that you will progress toward that goal in a satisfactory and timely manner.

A Student at Ohlone College receiving Financial Aid has the Right to the following

  1. Information on federal, state and institutional financial aid programs.
  2. Notice of deadlines of applications of each financial aid program and for any supporting documentation.
  3. Specific information regarding fees and tuition.
  4. An explanation of how students are selected for receipt of financial aid and how financial need is determined. This process includes consideration of costs of tuition and fees, room and board, supplies, personal and miscellaneous expenses, child care, plus the student's assets, parental contribution, and other financial aid (such as scholarships) and other information.
  5. Notice of what resources are considered in the calculation of student need. This includes all items mentioned in #4.
  6. Notice of how much financial aid need (as determined by "packaging") has been met and not met.
  7. An explanation of the various programs awarded in the student's package.
  8. An explanation of the portion of financial aid the student received that must be repaid and what portion is grant aid does not need to be repaid. If the aid is a loan, the student has the right to know the interest rate, total amount to be repaid, when the repayment is to begin, and conditions of deferments and cancellations.
  9. Information of how the Ohlone College Financial Aid Office determines whether or not a student is making "satisfactory academic progress."
  10. The student has the right to appeal his or her financial aid award or any other decision of the Financial Aid Office pertaining to them which does not fall under the jurisdiction of federal or state regulations. That right includes: answers to questions, explanations of policies and decisions, and request for reconsideration. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to request any additional documents as deemed necessary for verification in order to comply with institutional policy.

The policy of Ohlone College is to provide financial aid to those eligible students who are achieving satisfactory progress toward a specific educational objective. The establishment of such an objective, achievement of passing grades, and completion of courses leading to the objective are the responsibilities of the student. The assessment of the satisfactory progress is the responsibility of the College. The mandate for this policy is 34 Code of Federal Regulations: 668.16(3)1, 674.9(a)(5)(d), 675.9(a)(5)(e), 676.9(a)(2), and 177.201(a)(1)(l).

Ohlone College's basic policy is to regard information pertaining to financial aid students and the amounts of their awards as confidential. The financial aid information you, your family or your guardian submits to the Financial Aid Office is used only to establish your eligibility.

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), we will not release this information to anyone without the student's written permission. This includes the parents of students.

Students are required to come to the Financial Aid Office with the proper photo identification and their Ohlone College Student ID Number to receive information about their student financial aid status.

Concurrent Enrollment

Students who receive aid for concurrent enrollment under a consortium arrangement are assessed for satisfactory progress on the total academic record. The student is responsible for providing required grade records upon completion of the enrollment period.

Financial Aid Fraud

A student who attempts to obtain Federal financial aid by fraudulent means will be reported to federal and campus officials for prosecution. Such actions are therefore, subject to Student Disciplinary actions and suspension of receiving financial aid for unsatisfactory conduct as well as dismissal from the college.

Students should refer to the General Information section of the Ohlone College Catalog for specific information on:

  • Student Responsibility
  • Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act
  • Drug Free College Statement
  • Standards of Student Conduct