Fire Technology Department

Vocational Training Program

Ohlone College is a member of the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium. Vocational training courses are offered in various areas including, but not limited to, the following: Correctional Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Reserve Police Officer, Dispatcher, Fire Technology, Probation Officer, and Juvenile Hall Counselor.

The Consortium is funded by various colleges regionally to provide vocational specific training which may require special facilities, special training conditions, or is presented outside of the schedules of regular college classes. Students who would like a schedule of these classes or more information on specific programs may call (408) 229-4299.

The application and registration process is completed at the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium located at 560 Bailey Avenue in San Jose. Although open to the public, the majority of these courses are intended to serve the already employed. Students who would like information about a career in any of these programs should call (408) 229-4299.

Fire Technology Courses

  • FT-150A Emergency Medical Technician
  • FT-225A/226A Fire Fighter I Academy
  • FT-236A Cal Fire Academy Refresher
  • FT-241 Confined Space Rescue
  • FT-242 CDF Fire Academy - Seasonal
  • FT-256 Fire Continued Professional Training (CPT)
  • FT-256A Fire Annual Professional Training (CPT)
  • FT-260/261 Fire Instructor
  • FT-262/263/264/265/266 Fire Company Officer

Career Opportunities in the Fire Technology

Please visit the Counseling Department and Career Services for information.