Food Services - Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology

For the Ohlone College Fremont campus, see Food Services at the Fremont Campus

Areas for Eating, Visiting, Resting, Studying

In the first and second floor lobbies, there are tables and seating for students to eat, visit, rest, and study. An outdoor seating area is also available in Treadway Courtyard between Wings 3 and 4. See Newark Campus Map.


Food Services

We are transitioning our food services from Fresh and Natural to Food Truck Mafia. Food Truck Mafia is excited to bring Ohlone an extensive variety of meals, snacks, and drinks.

The food trucks will be at Newark Monday-Thursday, 11:00am -2:00pm. They’ll be located near parking lot B on the Newark Campus. 



Food Trucks will be located near parking lot B.



A microwave for student use is located in the first floor lobby next to the Fresh & Natural Cafe, first floor lobby, Newark Campus.

Vending Machines

Vending machines offering beverages and snacks are located in the Central Hub near the Campus Security.

The vending machines will accept $1 bills and coins and will provide change when an item of lesser value is purchased (unless the machine doesn't have enough change).


Newark Restaurants