Forensics (Speech & Debate) Team - Communication Studies Department

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Tournaments and Events Schedule - 2017-2018

  • Fall 2017
    • 9/9 NCFA Debate Camp - Santa Rose Jr. College
    • 9/22-9/24 Golden Gate Season Opener - SFSU
    • 10/6-10/7 Santa Rose Jr. College Tournament - Santa Rose Jr College
    • 10/20-10/22 Biggest Little City Classic - University of NV/ Reno
    • 11/3-11/5 Paul Winters Invitational - University of Pacific
    • *11/9 - Poetry Night - Ohlone College, time/location to be determined
    • 11/18-11/19 The Sather Classic - UC Berkeley
    • 12/8 - Intramural Tournament - Ohlone College
  • Spring 2018
    • 1/26 - 1/28 Keeling Invitational - Chabot College
    • 2/9/2/11 Talk Hawk - Las Positas College
    • 2/23-2/25 NCFA Spring Champs - Diablo Valley College
    • 3/7-3/11 CCCFA - Sacramento
    • *3/23-3/26 NPDA Nationals - Oregon
    • *4/9-4/14 Phi Rho PI - Florida
    • 4/28 Spring Fling (novice) - To be determined
    • Forensic Showcase - date/time to be announced

Speech & Debate Team News

Fall 2015

  • The Fall semester is in full swing and the Forensics team is back at it, full speed ahead! On September 25th - 27th the evolving Ohlone Speech and Debate team hit the ground running at the 2015 Golden Gate Opener Swing Tournament (two tournaments in one weekend) held at San Francisco State University. Two and four year colleges and universities, from around the country, attended this tournament. That didn't intimidate our growing team one bit. The collaborative hard work from our coaching staff, Natalie Kellner (Director of Forensics), Andrea Adams (Debate Coach), and Larissa Favela (Administrator and Coach), our returning veterans, and five new members, resulted in a Third PlaceSweepstakes Trophyin the Junior College Division!

    As coaches, we are so proud of our team: Jamie Avery (new), Sam Campbell (new), Sarah Goulart (veteran), Rugved Kharde (new), Reno Laserna (new), Vanessa Luis (new), Jose Pelacastre (veteran), Kivraj Singh (veteran) and Manveer Singh (veteran). If you know or have any of these students in your classes please congratulate them on a job well done.

    Below is a list of our achievements and awards:

    • Day One
      • Oral Interpretation of Literature
        • Kivraj Singh
          • 2nd in Prose (Open)
          • 4th in Program Oral Interpretation (Open POI)
          • 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation of Literature (Open DI)
        • Kivraj Singh & Sarah Goulart: 4th DUO performance (Open)
      • Platform Speaking
        • Rugved Kharhde (new member): 6th place in Novice Informative.
        • Sam Campbell (new member): 3rd place in OPEN Communication Analysis (yes I said OPEN! She is a novice competitor who was collapsed into open competition and still received a top three position due to her hard work writing one of the most challenging events in the tournament!)
      • Parliamentary Debate
        • Jamie Avery (new member) and Manveer Singh: Competed in Open Parliamentary Debate resulting in a Quarter Finalist Award.
      • Limited Preparation Events
        • Jamie Avery: 2nd place (out of 27 entries) Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
        • Sam Campbell: 6th place (out of 60 entries, the largest entry for the entire tournament) Novice Impromptu Speaking
    • Day Two
      • Oral Interpretation of Literature
        • Kivraj Singh:
          • 3rd in Prose,
          • 1st in Dramatic Interpretation of Literature
          • 5th in Program Oral Interpretation.
        • Sarah Goulart: 4th in Dramatic Interpretation of Literature (Open)
        • Reno Laserna (new member): 3rd in Novice Dramatic Interpretation of Literature.
      • Lincoln Douglas Debate - We introduced Ohlone Competitors to a new speech event, Lincoln Douglas Debate. Although our competitors did not break into semi final rounds, their wins in preliminary debates contributed to the points of our sweepstakes award. Their efforts ensured our overall success at the tournament. I would like to congratulate our competitors:
        • Manveer Singh (Open) Lincoln Douglas Debate
        • Jamie Avery (Open) Lincoln Douglas Debate
        • Sam Cambell (Novice) Lincoln Douglas Debate
        • Vanessa Louis (Novice) Lincoln Douglas Debate
        • Rugved Kharde (Novice) Lincoln Douglas Debate

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2007 Forensics team with a variety of awards.2007 Forensics team with awards.