Ohlone College graduates are making a difference!

Class of 2018, we are very proud to call you an alumni of Ohlone College! We are looking forward to hearing about the amazing things you are going to accomplish with all the knowledge you've gained at Ohlone. Keep an eye out for our future alumni event announcements!

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Thank you to our Alumni & Friends Lifetime Members

  • Inga Bellamy
  • Gari Browning
  • Mike Calegari
  • Steve Cho
  • Sarah Daniels
  • Patricia Leigh-Anne Elizondo
  • Lester Fong
  • Shelby Foster
  • Debra Franklin
  • Jeannette Guthrie
  • Donald Harper
  • Bill Harrison
  • Brad Hatton
  • Mike Holtzclaw
  • Brian Hughes
  • Donna Ireland
  • Mark Wade Lieu
  • Deb Parziale
  • Rakesh Sharma
  • Connie Teshara
  • Jennifer Toy Harrison
  • Gloria Villasana Fuerniss
  • Kelly Wilmeth
  • Jim Wright