The Ohlone College Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors who represent the communities served by the Ohlone Community College District. Our volunteer board members are both spokespersons for the Foundation and vital links to the community. They believe in the role of higher education to build a strong community and a secure future. They also bring leadership, imagination, innovation, and creativity to the challenges of long-range resource development.

Board of Directors

  • Chair: Julie Zhu
  • Vice Chair: Jennifer Toy Harrison
  • Secretary: Dr. Brad Hatton
  • Superintendent/President: Dr. Eric Bishop
  • Legal Counsel: Louis Willett
  • Finance Chair: Dr. Jim Wright
  • Desrie Campbell
  • Suzanne Chan, Trustee
  • Robert Douglass
  • Alberto Huezo
  • Sylvia Jimenez
  • Wing Lam
  • Jean Louie Willett
  • Anita Pirrone
  • Sam Sepah
  • Justin Sha
  • Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Trustee (alternative)
  • Shirley Sisk
  • Gloria Villasana Fuerniss
  • Richard Watters, Trustee
  • Stephanie Williams

Executive Director:

  • Binh Q. Nguyen