The Ohlone Promise - A Two Year Full-Ride Scholarship for Graduating High School Seniors


What is the Promise?

The Ohlone Promise Scholarship pays for required tuition, books, and enrollment fees for two years at Ohlone.

Who is it for?

High school seniors living in the Tri-City area and planning to attend Ohlone College full-time. The high schools covered are:

  • Fremont Unified School District
    American, Irvington, Kennedy, Mission San Jose, Robertson and Washington
  • Newark Unified School District
    Newark Memorial and Bridgepoint
  • New Haven Unified School District
    Logan High School and Conley Caraballo


As education costs rise, more and more middle-income families find themselves stretched to pay for college, just missing the threshold for federal financial aid. At the same time, being able to focus on their studies full-time has been shown to significantly benefit a student's ability to succeed in college.

The Ohlone Promise Scholarship helps address these issues by offering a two year, full-ride scholarship so that students can focus on their education, rather than their finances.

Additional information for applicants:

  • First priority will be given to students who just miss the FAFSA threshold to receive federal financial aid.
  • This scholarship automatically pays for required tuition, books and enrollment fees. The scholarship will not be distributed in cash.
  • The Ohlone Promise Scholarship will pay for a maximum of 60 units over two years at Ohlone College.
  • Students will be responsible for miscellaneous supplies and optional fees. Examples of miscellaneous supplies not covered include notebooks, scantrons, software, calculators, art supplies, lab coats/goggles, and other non-textbook items.
  • Recipients must meet a 2.5 minimum GPA and finish 12 units a semester to continue receiving the scholarship semester-to-semester.
  • Recipients must apply for FAFSA ( by March 2 every year to continue receiving the scholarship (for administrative purposes only - not demonstrating need through FAFSA will not cause a recipient to lose the scholarship). Dream Act students are exempt from the FAFSA requirement.
  • Scholarship recipients must attend a mandatory Ohlone Promise workshop before the beginning of each semester.

2020 Ohlone Promise Scholarship Recipients:

Katherine Chou

Bianca Dong

Kelly Kuang

Colin Mussleman

Tim Phan

Ruqaya Mubarez

Amanda Huiltron

Maria Martinez

Israel Lee

Valerie Villasenor

Nabeela Karimi

Kota Nagayama

Amrit Sidhu

Su Lei Aye 

Navneen Dhaliwal

Dikshant Fnu

Dalyla Gonzalez

Sabrina Kharie

Allyson Meyer

Nhan Nguyen

Hannalyn Jewel Oblea

Jennalynne Salyer

Trisha Marie Sanidad

Oscar Torres

Zara Ahmed

Justin Bolante

Jessica Mata Bustos

Simon Bryant Perez

Jaylen Taylor

Diego Villalobos

Pramodya Rajapakse

Soledad Fajardo Gomez

Alexander Herrera

Nguyet T. Nguyen

Sarah Rohmani

Kenneth Alvarado

Abigail Bender

Stanley Chow

Qianyi Loo