The Ohlone Promise - A Two Year Full-Ride Scholarship for Graduating High School Seniors

What is the Promise?

The Ohlone Promise Scholarship pays for required tuition, books, and enrollment fees for two years at Ohlone - a value of approximately $3,600.

Ohlone Promise Recipient photographed with Promise donor and College President/Superintendent

Who is it for?

High school seniors living in the Tri-City area and planning to attend Ohlone College full-time. The high schools covered are:

  • Fremont Unified School District
    American, Irvington, Kennedy, Mission San Jose, Robertson and Washington
  • Newark Unified School District
    Newark Memorial and Bridgepoint
  • New Haven Unified School District
    Logan High School and Conley Caraballo


As education costs rise, more and more middle-income families find themselves stretched to pay for college, just missing the threshold for federal financial aid. At the same time, being able to focus on their studies full-time has been shown to significantly benefit a student's ability to succeed in college.

The Ohlone Promise Scholarship helps address these issues by offering a two year, full-ride scholarship so that students can focus on their education, rather than their finances.

Additional information for applicants:

  • First priority will be given to students who just miss the FAFSA threshold to receive federal financial aid.
  • This scholarship automatically pays for required tuition, books and enrollment fees. The scholarship will not be distributed in cash.
  • The Ohlone Promise Scholarship will pay for a maximum of 60 units over two years at Ohlone College.
  • Students will be responsible for miscellaneous supplies and optional fees. Examples of miscellaneous supplies not covered include notebooks, scantrons, software, calculators, art supplies, lab coats/goggles, and other non-textbook items.
  • Recipients must meet a 2.8 minimum GPA and finish 12 units a semester to continue receiving the scholarship semester-to-semester.
  • Recipients must apply for FAFSA ( by March 31 every year to continue receiving the scholarship (for administrative purposes only - not demonstrating need through FAFSA will not cause a recipient to lose the scholarship). Dream Act students are exempt from the FAFSA requirement.
  • Scholarship recipients must attend a mandatory Ohlone Promise workshop before the beginning of each semester.

2019 Ohlone Promise Scholarship Donors

Thank you for being a partner in student success!  We would like to give a special thanks to Vicki Maroulis and Indo-Americans for Better Community, who have both created endowments in support of the Ohlone Promise Scholarship.  

Thank you to all our donors including:

Salwa Aboumrad

Bob Bradshaw

Gari Browning, Ph.D.

Judith Chong

Citizens for Better Community

Frank DiMino

Alvin & Caryl Dockter

Jennifer & Bill Harrison

Brad Hatton

Indo-Americans for Better Community

John Maloney

Victoria and James Maroulis

Morris Memorial Foundation

Binh Q. Nguyen


Dr. Chris Dela Rosa

Steven Reeves

Shirley Sisk

Dr. Leta Stagnaro

Dr. Minh-Hoa Ta

Dr. Jim Wright