Congratulations to the 2018 Ohlone College Scholarship Recipients!

2018 Ohlone College Foundation Scholarship Recipients

In 2018, the Ohlone College Foundation awarded 86 scholarships totaling $157,100!  Our deepest gratitude goes out to our generous scholarship donors - Ohlone scholarships are completely funded through donations from our community and would be impossible without your support.  Please see our full donor list at the bottom of this page.  To learn how you can help by making a tax-deductible contribution, please contact us at

2018 Scholarship Awards Reception Sponsors

Thank you to the generous sponsors of the 2018 Scholarship Awards Reception!  Proceeds from sponsorships are critical in sustaining our scholarship program and supports program needs such as application software, outreach, and fundraising.  

Cargill     Dutra Enterprises

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How do I apply for Ohlone College Scholarships?

The Ohlone College Foundation scholarship application period opens February 1st of each year.  Scholarships are open to incoming freshmen, continuing Ohlone College students, as well as transferring students.  

A common myth is that only students with straight-A's or in extreme financial need can get a scholarship, but it's not true!  We have a wide variety of scholarships available, and most students will find something they qualify for.  There are many general scholarships, as well scholarships with specific objectives such as ones for certain majors, qualities such as leadership or being a first-generation college student, and more.  Though some scholarships may target academic performance or financial need, it's not the main prerequisite for most scholarships - what's important is that you demonstrate in your application that investing in you will make a difference in our community.  The majority of scholarships require full-time enrollment (12 units per semester), though some scholarships are available to half time students (6 units or more).

All scholarships require a letter of recommendation from an Ohlone College faculty or staff member, so we encourage students to start their application early in the application period.  You will not have very good luck getting a recommendation letter if you ask two days before the deadline!

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Ohlone Promise Scholarship 

The Ohlone Promise Scholarship pays for all tuition, required books, and required fees for two years at Ohlone College - valued at approximately $3,600. 

American High School
  • Sameya Afzali
  • Kaylanna Wong
  • Thet Paing Zaw
Circle of Independent Learning (C.O.I.L.)
  • Dante Bermudez
  • Conley-Caraballo High School
  • Tyana Wilson

Decoto School for Independent Study
  • Eirene Jefferson
Irvington High School
  • Setareh Harsamizadeh Tehrani
  • Marisa Rivas-Castaneda
  • Yu-Sheng Sung
  • Hangfan Zhou
James Logan High School
  • Amanda  Almaguer Yepez
  • Taylor Hurst
  • Sam Khano
  • Michael Gabriel Martinez
  • Ava Mulholland
  • Ericka Sanchez
  • Rebecca Twyman
  • Philip Venitgan
Kennedy High School
  • David Danforth
  • Ashley Martinez
  • Paripsa Rana
  • Beatrice  Reynante
  • Su Thwe
Mission San Jose High School
  • Lena Phan
Mission Valley ROP / American High School
  • Kayla Navarro Olvera
Newark Memorial High School
  • Kristina Alvarez
  • Priscilla Alvarez
Washington High School
  • Pablo Acosta
  • Mustafa Hamdard
  • Megan Huynh
  • Casaundra Nunes
  • Mae Ann Pondon

Other Ohlone College Scholarships

American Association of University Women Scholarship
  • Stephanie Cuevas
  • Iqra Iqbal
  • Marmar Mirways
  • Crystal Munoz
ASOC Leadership Scholarship
  • Andres Franco
  • Qasim Iqbal
  • Junman Lee
  • Christopher Montes
  • Jesus Nevarez
Athercare Fitness & Rehabilitation Physical Therapist Assistant Scholarship
  • Jennifer Vargas
Audrey M. Hack Scholarship
  • Morgan Smedley
Carol E. Goodell Memorial Deaf Studies Scholarship
  • Vianney Bernal
  • Shuyi Chen
CIO Scholarship
  • Catherine Rodriguez
Country Club of Washington Township Women's Club Scholarship
  • Taralyn Hom
Cynthia Lee Katona Memorial Creative Writing Scholarship
  • Erica Ashley Fernandez
Deeksha Inc. Re-entry Scholarship
  • Hina Arif
Dominican Sisters Environmental Studies Scholarship
  • Kimiya Khoshkhou
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Scholarship
  • Mansi Chudasama
  • Abdoulaye Djomo
  • Louis Gonzalez
Evelyn Henderson Scholarship for Deaf Students
  • Xiali Wu
Fremont Area Writers Scholarship
  • Madeline Inman
George & Jo Rainie Rodgers Anthropology Scholarship
  • Melissa Mota
Helen Ryan Scholarship
  • Arlin Lopez
Institute of Management Accountants Scholarship
  • Tram Nguyen
Johnston Family Veterans Scholarship
  • Joshua Allen
Jones Hamilton Co. Chemistry & Engineering Scholarship
  • Justin Liong Wong
Josephine Butala Mathematics Scholarship
  • Arbaaz Muslim
  • Sooyeon Song
Newark Optimist Joe Burnett Helping Hands Scholarship
  • Erick Daza
Newark Optimist Joe Burnett Helping Hands Scholarship
  • Andrea Hernandez
  • Sam Nguyen
  • Sana Safi
Ohlone College Foundation Scholarship
  • Kayla Keesee
  • Jasmine Torres
Osher Scholarship
  • Lisa Brown
  • Ailin Chen
  • Amirali Hakim
  • Derricka Joe
  • Yasmeen Mansuri
  • Crystal Munoz
  • Tanayshia Price
  • Anthony Vasquez
  • Samantha Wylder
Philip L. Miller Memorial Scholarship
  • Alondra Cuevas
Re-entry Scholarship
  • Choon Koek
  • Juan Vargas
Scott Fuerniss Entrepreneur Scholarship
  • Sandeep  Suman
Shari Winter Memorial Scholarship
  • Wendy Kreek
Stewart Dawson Memorial Scholarship
  • Angela Duron
Thomas Faria Environmental Studies Scholarship
  • Raquel Victoria Navarro
  • Ya Htun
William D. Ferreira, Esq Law Scholarship
  • Marwa Doost

Thank you to our 2018 Scholarship Donors!

Ohlone Promise Scholarship Donors

  • Alvin & Caryl Dockter
  • Anonymous
  • Binh Q. Nguyen
  • Bob Bradshaw
  • Brad Hatton
  • Cargill
  • Chris Dela Rosa
  • Citizens for Better Community
  • Dr. Minh-Hoa Ta
  • Indo-Americans for Better Community
  • Gari Browning, Ph.D.
  • Gloria Villasana & Al Fuerniss
  • Jennifer & Bill Harrison
  • Lori & Steve Cabrales
  • Morris Memorial Foundation
  • Pepsi
  • Robert & Diane Douglass
  • Robin Williams
  • Shirley Sisk
  • Steven Reeves
  • Veda Shankar
  • Vicki & James Maroulis
  • Washington Hospital

Other Scholarship Donors

  • American Association of University Women Fremont Branch
  • Associationed Students of Ohlone College
  • Automotive Defense Specialists
  • Christine Bolt
  • Donna Ireland
  • Dr. Donald Chu / Athercare Fitness & Rehabilitation
  • Foundation for California Community Colleges / The Bernard Osher Foundation
  • Inga Bellamy
  • Institute of Management Accountants
  • Isabel Reichert
  • Jennifer Jovel
  • Jones Hamilton Co.
  • Judith Wolf
  • Karen Rosenbaum
  • Kenn Waters
  • Laurie Issel-Tarver
  • Leta Stagnaro
  • Optimist Club of Newark, CA
  • Pepsi
  • Ram Kumar / Ambedkar International Center
  • Ram Saroay
  • Roque Mojica
  • San Tomas Voiture
  • Sandy Bennett
  • Vinod Kumar