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Two 2019 Ohlone College Scholarship Recipients
Applications now open! DEADLINE TO APPLY IS MARCH 2, 2022!


The Ohlone College Foundation awards many scholarships to help students like you meet your educational goals. There are many different scholarships available to incoming high-school seniors, continuing Ohlone College students, and students transferring from Ohlone College to a 4-year institution.

A common myth is that only students with straight-A's, or those in extreme financial need, can receive a scholarship. But, it's not true! We have a wide variety of scholarships available, and most students will find something they qualify for.

There are many general scholarships, as well scholarships with specific objectives such as ones for certain majors, qualities such as leadership, being a first-generation college student, and more. Though some scholarships may target academic performance or financial need, it's not the main prerequisite - what's important is that in your application you demonstrate that investing in you will make a difference in our community. Most scholarships require full-time enrollment (12 units per semester), though some are available to part-time students (6-11.5 units per semester).

All scholarships require a letter of recommendation from an Ohlone College faculty or staff member, so we encourage you to start your application early in the application period. You won't have very good luck obtaining a recommendation letter if you ask two days before the deadline! (Note: incoming first-year students can submit a letter from a high school instructor or counselor instead.

Scholarship Application Walkthrough (PDF)


Check out our scholarships & criteria:

AAUW Ohlone Scholarship

AAUW Transfer Student Scholarship

Abe & Hannah Hochler Memorial Scholarship

Air Solutions Scholarship

Anne E. Golseth Excellence in Student Leadership Scholarship

ASOC Leadership Scholarship

Audrey M. Hack Scholarship**

Career Education and Workforce Success Scholarship**

Carol E. Goodell Memorial Deaf Studies Scholarship

Charlotte Whitacre Memorial Scholarship**

Chicanx Scholars Scholarship

Country Club of Washington Township Women's Club Health Sciences Scholarship**

Deeksha Inc. Re-entry Scholarship

Dr. Neil McCallum and Anne McCallum Memorial Scholarship

Evelyn Henderson Scholarship for Deaf Students

Fremont Morning Rotary Scholarship**

George & Jo Rainie Rodgers Anthropology Scholarship

Jones Hamilton Co. Chemistry and Engineering Scholarship

Josephine Butala Mathematics Scholarship

Ladies of the Empire Scholarship

Mathilde A. Miller Memorial Scholarship**

Meagan & Sheila Tandy Scholarship**

Newark Optimist Club Joe Burnett Helping Hand Books Scholarship

Ohlone College Foundation Scholarship**

Ohlone Softball Scholarship

Ohlone Theatre Student Scholarship

Osher Initiative for California Community College Students

Philip L. Miller Scholarship

Pilar Lewis Multimedia Scholarship

PTA Program Director Scholarship

PTA Rod Silveria Scholarship

Scott Fuerniss Entrepreneur Scholarship**

Shari Winters Memorial Scholarship

Stephen E. Epler Leadership Scholarship

The Ohlone Promise - A Scholarship Program for High School Students**

Thomas Faria Environment Studies Scholarship

Umoja Scholarship

Ward Blanchard Memorial Scholarship

Washington Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship

William D. Ferreira, Esq Scholarship

William S. Bickard Memorial Scholarship

Note: Scholarships with asterisks (**) are available to graduating high school seniors who will attend Ohlone College in Fall 2022.


Scholarships FAQ

Q: Who can apply?

A: Scholarships are open to students who will be attending Ohlone College in the following year, including incoming high school seniors and current Ohlone College students, as well as current Ohlone College students preparing to transfer to a 4-year institution. We also have scholarships for students who are returning to college after being out of school for several years.

Q: What types of scholarships are available?

A: The Ohlone College Foundation offers a broad range of scholarships. There are many general merit- and need-based scholarships, as well as scholarships for students in particular fields of study (such as STEM, anthropology, education, or physical therapy), students who are engaged in activities like community service and entrepreneurship, scholarships for deaf students, scholarships for first-generation college students, and many more. The majority of scholarships require full-time enrollment (12 or more units), though some are available for part-time students. Please see the flyers linked above to find our more about our individual scholarships available, or start your application to see which ones you might qualify for.

Q: What else is required to apply?

A: All scholarship applicants must submit a current transcript (unofficial is okay) along with their application and answer two short-answer essays (150-300 max word count each). Individual scholarships may have additional requirements, such as describing your community service experience or showing off some of your work.

All applicants must also submit a letter of recommendation from an Ohlone College faculty or staff member (incoming first-year students can submit a letter from a high-school instructor or counselor instead). But don’t be intimidated! Nothing makes your professor happier than seeing you succeed. So, start building those relationships now and get to know the professors and staff at Ohlone College; just make sure you give them plenty of time and don't ask at the last minute!

Q: How are scholarships awarded?

A: Once the application period closes, applications are reviewed and scored by various committees, made up of Ohlone faculty, staff, community members, and donors, all of whom graciously volunteer their time to make this possible. Applications for scholarships that require demonstrating financial need are also screened by the Financial Aid office, using data from your current year's FAFSA or CADAA application. Foundation staff does not review any applications, or select winners.

Unless otherwise noted on the scholarship flyer, scholarships funds are distributed in the following Fall semester. These disbursements are handled through Ohlone College's financial aid office, or in the case of transfer scholarships, through the financial aid office at the awardee's new school. In either case, the financial aid office will be unable to transmit your award to you if you do not meet the minimum enrollment requirements for the scholarship.

Q: Why are there two different links to sign in to the Scholarship Portal?

A: Each semester, Ohlone College email addresses are automatically synced over to AwardSpring from MyOhlone. This allows the system to prefill answers to several questions for you (such as your student ID, contact information, academic programs and GPA), ensuring accuracy and saving you a bit of time during the application process.

The "First Time Here" button on the main portal page only works for ***@student.ohlone.edu email addresses that were imported from MyOhlone. If you are a current Ohlone student who has never used the AwardSpring portal, visit the main login page and click "Set Your Password". Prospective students and those who have not yet taken classes at Ohlone must register for an account using the Prospective Student link.

Once you have either created your account and/or set the password, you can log in through either link.

Q: I'm currently taking classes at Ohlone, so why can't I sign into Ohlone's AwardSpring Scholarship Portal?

A: Student data are (normally) synced over to AwardSpring automatically from MyOhlone - so all Ohlone College students should be able to sign into AwardSpring through the "Ohlone Students Apply Here" button at the top of the page. However, with the transition from WebAdvisor to MyOhlone and some revisions to our scholarship portal, some newer student accounts did not copy over properly. We are currently working to get the situation resolved.

In the meantime, if receive an error message saying, "This email address does not exist" (even though you have a valid Ohlone email address) - please click here to register as a prospective student. **This will not have any effect on which scholarships you can apply for; it is simply the means to manually create a new account.