Congratulations to the 40 students selected to receive the Get Cash for School award! We hope you have a fund and successful semester. | Note: All awards are being processed through the Financial Aid office Should you have any questions concerning the disbursement process, please contact the Financial Aid office.

Adrian Sotelo | Iris Y. Kim | Philip Griffin | Jacob T. Thuruthiyil | Ivonne Monterrey | Jolena V. Hinojosa | Xiyuan Zhou | Vaibhav Saini | Nimrat K Bahia | Frederick T. Crespo | Julie Her | Alexis K. Santos | Amanda K. Mero | Jerry S. Liang | Shellie M. Camara | Brooke C. Anderson | Ka Wai Leung | Doris G. Sitan | Javaria Basit | Aung Khant ZawJohn Paul C. Patague | Artura Chavez | Jessica T. Canchola | Julio E. Piotti | Esteban P. Villalobos Barros | Taree N. Neyers | Cristal E. Herrera | Justin Chen | Benjamin L. Harrington | James L. Oviatt | Robert Michael Jiminez | Natalie A Monroy | Prabhnoor S. Khatkar | Lucy M. Puebla | Hana Shah | Kaelani M. Hui | Gerardo Sarabia | Alsaaz Mirza | Alfonsina Tapia | Ashley F. Cohen



Get cash for school - Enroll Today!  In support of our student success, Ohlone College Foundation is providing back to school awards to 40 Ohlone College students!  All you have to do qualify is enroll today!  Twenty full-time students will each receive $200. Twenty part-time students will each receive $100.   The pandemic has brought unprecendented challenges to everyone. This is our way of saying “you can do this”.

"Get Cash for School" Contest rules:

  • Winners will be randomly selected from among all students enrolled at Ohlone College in the Fall 2021 semester.
  • There is no additional application for this contest. All enrolled students are automatically entered. If you wish to opt out of the contest, send us an email.
  • Enrollment status will be determined on September 15. Students must be taking at least 12 units at Ohlone College to qualify as “full-time.” Students taking less than 12 units must be enrolled in at least 5 units at Ohlone College to qualify as “part-time”. (How to Enroll and Register)
  • Awards will be distributed through the Financial Aid office (via BankMobile) in late September 2021.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or call 510-659-6020