The Foundation facilitates grants, gifts, planned gifts, corporate funds, gifts-in-kind, and a host of other donation methods. Many donations are made with a specific purpose; for example, donations are made to honor an individual (living or deceased) or to fund a specific type of scholarship. Many gifts are left unrestricted to allow the Foundation to identify areas of need.

Support for the Foundation can be in the form of cash, commitments, life insurance, wills, or transfer of investments and real property. Other giving arrangements include bequests (wills), trust funds, and endowments, which are invested for long-term growth and ongoing income to help Ohlone students reach their educational goals.

All gifts are tax deductible, and subject to current tax accounting limitations. Prospective donors are encouraged to consult a qualified tax consultant for more detailed information.

Contributions of any size are enthusiastically welcomed and greatly appreciated – and supporting the Foundation is a great way to invest in the future of our students. To learn more about the Foundation or how to help, please call (510) 659-6020.