Fremont Campus Portable Classrooms and Offices Map - Maps, Directions, Parking & Transportation

Fremont Campus Portable Classrooms and Offices Map

Ohlone College
43600 Mission Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94539-5847

Fremont campus - Portable buildings map.
Departments/Offices in Fremont Portables (FP)
(updated March 14, 2016)
Department / Office Portable Building
Accounting Lab FP-21
Anatomy / Physiology / Biology FP-24A, FP-24B
Biology and Chemistry Learning Center (BCLC) FP-26
Biology Lab FP-26
Business, Technology, and Career Technical Education Division Office FP-21
Central Services (Mailroom, Duplicating) FP-29
Classrooms FP-1 thru FP-11, FP-13 thru FP-17, FP-23, FP-30
Communication Lab, Maggie Morrison Speech FP-22
Engineering Lab FP-32A
Faculty Offices FP-12, FP-20, FP-21, FP-23, FP-26
Gender Neutral Restrooms FP-19, FP-25
Information Technology (IT) Services FP-18
Online Education / eCampus FP-21
Photography FP-31
Physics Lab FP-32B
Purchasing, Contracts, and Auxiliary Services FP-28
Restrooms FP-19, FP-25
Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Division Office FP-26
Student Lounge FP-27