Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Student Health Center

Q. How much does it cost to be seen at the Student Health Center?

You have already paid. It is included in your Student Health Services Fee. You can be seen by the nurse practitioner as many times as needed during the semester. There are low cost fees for some services such as pregnancy testing, immunizations, TB tests, etc.

Q. Where is the Student Health Center?

Room 7302, Building 7, third floor on the Fremont campus. Building 7 is located between Buildings 6 and 8. (Fremont Campus Map.)

Q. What are the Student Health Center's hours of operation?

See the Clinic Hours and Location page.

Q. Can I use the Student Health Center if I have insurance?


Q. Can I get birth control at the Health Center?

Yes. See Family Planning Services.

Q. What do I do if I don't have a doctor?

Students are encouraged to use the Student Health Center if they do not have medical insurance. The nurse practitioner can act as your primary provider and for ongoing care. She can also refer you to specialists in the community for low cost services.

Q. Will you call my house?

Never without your authorization.

Q. Does the Student Health Center do sports physicals?

No, not on a regular basis because of liability. The Athletics Department makes provisions for sports physicals through their department by contracting with physicians in the area.

Q. Can I get dental care at the Health Center?

No, but we have referrals to dentists who will give discounts to Ohlone students.

Q. Can I get STD testing at the Health Center?


Q. Can I get the health fee waived?

See Health Services Fee for exemptions.