Ohlone College and developer SteelWave LLC are planning for the future of the school’s 15-acre frontage property along Mission Boulevard in Fremont with a concept called the The Village at Mission Walk, which is a unique mixed-use development plan. The Foster City-based developer hopes to build up to 275 apartments and almost 6,500 square feet of commercial space on three parcels between Witherly Lane and Pine Street. College President Gari Browning has said development of the frontage property would generate revenue that will put the school in a far better position to fund ongoing programs and faculty. Affordable housing is an important goal for the College, and as part of meeting the City’s requirements, the college plans to designate 20 of the units for moderate-income seniors and school faculty and staff. For more information on the project, see the Concepts link.

This graphic details the key values of The Village at Mission Walk: History, Study and Work, Live, and Play.