Ohlone College, one of Fremont’s most valued community assets, has educated generations of the region’s students. It’s also an important part of the Mission San Jose District. To keep up its stellar level of education and to continue to enhance the community, Ohlone College continues to look for new revenue sources in an era of unreliable state funding.

The Board of Trustees recently entered into an agreement with Steelwave, LLC to help meet its mission by developing 15 acres of surplus land fronting Mission Boulevard with a mixed-used development, called “The Village at Mission Walk,” which includes residential and retail properties that can better connect the campus to the community.

Securing Higher Education for the Tri-Cities

Ohlone College, like other community colleges, is state-funded, receiving 93% of our fiscal support from the State of California. However, the level of funding received fluctuates, and community colleges have historically seen cuts during economic downturns – just when the community and local economy needs our services the most. Ten years after the 2008 recession, Ohlone College is still not back to the 2008 level of funding, and has not replaced the quarter of its fulltime faculty that it lost.

  • The Village at Mission Walk would give Ohlone College an ongoing income stream so that we are here for the Tri-Cities community, no matter the economic forecast.
  • The Village at Mission Walk's model of leasing surplus property has been proven effective for community college districts in the Bay Area such as San Mateo, San Jose/Evergreen, and West Valley/Mission, as well as other community college districts throughout the state.

Revitalizing the Mission San Jose District

The Mission San Jose strip of Mission Boulevard has long been envisioned by many stakeholders in the community as a walkable downtown with the potential to become a center of commerce and culture. The area’s inviting aesthetics, historical attractions such as Mission San Jose, and an inflow of students from Ohlone College gives the area great business potential. The Village at Mission Walk proposal will help realize this vision.

  • Up to 275 housing units will provide customers to local businesses and spur investment.
  • Retail area along Witherly and Mission will include a grocery for the community.
  • Mission-style architecture to complement the character of the Historic Mission San Jose district.
  • Preserves Ohlone College’s signature olive trees.
  • Low density and small buildings that will seamlessly blend the campus and business district.