Gale Carli, Dean - Health Sciences & Environmental Studies


Gale Carli has been at Ohlone College since 1996. She has been a Registered Nurse for 42 years. During those years, she has worked in a medical-surgical unit and spent 10 years in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as a staff nurse and nurse educator. She also spent 5 years as a Flight Nurse with an Air Ambulance Team.

Gale graduated from Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing in 1974. In 1982 she received a BSN from University of San Francisco. In 1987 she earned a Master's of Education in Health Education from San Francisco State University. In 1998 she earned a Master's in Nursing from California State University, Dominguez Hills. Her most challenging endeavor came when she earned a Doctorate in Education from Argosy University. Her dissertation was on the "Socialization of Associate Degree Nursing Students into the Role of Professional Nursing." It is apparent Gale believes in life long learning.

In 2005, Gale assumed the roll of Director of Registered Nursing at Ohlone College. As the Director, Gale worked with all faculty members as they develop and implement nursing courses. Gale also counsels nursing students and potential nursing students.

During the Spring 2008 semester, Gale was appointed to the position of Dean for the Health Sciences and Environmental Studies Division. This division includes: Allied Health, Physical Therapist Assistant, Registered Nursing, Respirator Therapist, Consumer Family Sciences (Nutrition), and Environmental Studies.

Outside of nursing, Gale has another career. She is an avid scuba diver and instructor. She has traveled the world scuba diving. During the summers, Gale works with the Professional Assocation of Diving Instructors (PADI). In this role, she conducts classes and certifies individuals who wish to be come scuba diving instructors.

Contact Information

Gale Carli, Ed.D, RN

Dean, Health Sciences and Environmental Studies Division,
(510) 742-3100

Room NC1323, first floor, Wing 3, Newark campus