Gender Neutral Restrooms - Maps, Directions, Parking & Transportation

Woman and man restroom blue icon.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Gender neutral restrooms at the Fremont and Newark campuses are listed below. They are available for use by anyone.

  • Fremont campus - locations are marked on Fremont Campus Map
    • Building 5, third floor, Room 5300
    • Building 19, Room 19-112
    • Building 20, Room 20-102 (under first floor stairway)
    • Building FP-19 (North side)
    • Building FP-25 (East side)
    • Hyman Hall, first floor, Room HH-122
  • Newark campus - location is marked on Newark Campus Map
    • Second floor, Wing 2 (near the Respiratory Therapist Program Lab and the Faculty Copier Room)