General Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Learning Communities

A learning community is a group of 2-5 classes that are linked together. Faculty collaborate to create common themes, assignments, and to make lessons more interactive. Classes are connected to one another so students can easily see the interrelatedness of all that they study.

It was a great experience that I would definitely recommend!

Students who participate in learning communities are more engaged in their learning, develop close relationships with their peers and instructors, and find that learning is more meaningful. Faculty who are involved in learning communities find that they are invigorated because they are experimenting with new ways to teach.

Q. Who can join a learning community?

Learning communities are open to all students who meet the course prerequisites. Participating in a Learning Community is a great way to meet other students, connect with faculty, and complete degree, certificate, and transfer requirements.

Q. Can I take other classes along with enrolling in the learning communities?

Yes, you can enroll in additional classes. Make sure to work with a counselor to ensure that the classes you want to take meet your educational goals. The maximum number of units a student can take is 17.5. If you want to take more than that, you will need to see a counselor for approval.

Q. Will the classes meet general education and/or my major requirements?

This answer depends on the learning community as well as your educational goals. Some of the learning communities have all general education classes, while other communities have only one or two transferable classes or classes that are prerequisites to transfer classes. You will need to talk with a counselor to determine if the learning community you are interested in will support your goals.

Q. What if I can't or don't want to take one of the classes in the learning community?

One major reason for participating in a learning community is to develop just that: a community for learning. If you are not involved in all of the classes, you will miss out on this benefit. Therefore, in order to be a part of the learning community, students must sign up for all of the classes in a community.

Students reviewing a printed class schedule prior to registration.