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Geology Program at Ohlone College focuses on the interdisciplinary study of the Earth, its materials (minerals, rocks, fossils), and the processes on its surface and in its interior by which they change. Geology is a major academic discipline that combines aspects of physical and biological sciences and provides insight into 4.6 billion years of Earth history, movement of its crust (plate tectonics), climate change, evolutionary history of life through geologic  time, and human impact on the Earth system. Geology has many practical applications, such as evaluation and prediction of natural hazards (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, seismic sea waves, landslides, flooding, erosion, etc.), remediation of environmental problems, exploration of natural resources (mining, fossil fuels, water resources), and geotechnical and civil engineering. The Associate in Science in Geology for Transfer (ADT) prepares students for admission to four-year undergraduate programs in the geosciences (Geology, Oceanography, Environmental Science) at California State Universities and for entry-level positions in environmental and geotechnical firms, as well as in the field of engineering, hazardous materials disposal, computer mapping (GIS), and state government agencies.

Geology Degrees and Certificates

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree

Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree

Certificates of Accomplishment

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