Getting Announcements Posted on the College Website - Web Center

The New at Ohlone web page and College website homepage includes mini announcements and links to further information for events, academic programs, and campus-related news. Items are targeted to Ohlone students, the College as a whole, and to the community around the College. The Web Team needs your ongoing assistance to provide this content so that the website remains fresh, current and interesting.

These mini announcements may be written by College Advancement, Deans, faculty, staff, or students. In particular, the type of content sought includes:

  • announcements for upcoming campus events, such as student events and theater performances
  • articles highlighting academic programs
  • current news related to the College

To be considered for posting, provide the following information to the Web Team:

  • A short title
  • Date(s)
  • Time (start and end)
  • Location
  • One short descriptive sentence
  • And the URL of the web page where additional information is available.
    • This web page must exist and be posted on your campus website prior to sending the announcement request to the Web Team.
    • Alternatively, you can provide the complete information to the Web Team in electronic form (i.e., MS Word document) and they will post the information on the appropriate website and link to it from the announcement.

    The additional information web page is required for most items because the announcement space is small and full information cannot usually be provided in that limited space.

The Web Team may revise the title or description for an item to fit the format and "voice" of the College website. We try to maintain a visually balanced appearance as much as possible. Current items are included before items coming up in later months. The Web Team may elect to include an item at a later day if other announcements take precedence, or may elect to not include an item.

The Web Team updates the College website homepage on an ongoing basis - announcements and news are reviewed, added, updated, or removed each morning and most afternoons. We need you to provide us with interesting and important content for the Ohlone College community.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping the new website fresh. If you have questions or comments, please contact the Web Team.