Ohlone Math Gateway Program (OMG)

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. OMG! - Ohlone Math Gate Way Program Banner.

Do you dream about being an Engineer or Computer Scientist but worry you are not strong enough in math?!?

You can overcome your fears and find a career in STEM! The Ohlone Math Gateway (OMG) Program, with its supportive learning community, can help you achieve your dreams! The OMG Program is an accelerated math program for Engineering and Computer Science students at Ohlone. Enrolled students will take three full semester length math classes in two semesters along with other engineering and or computer science related courses.  See profiles of OMG students and meet the OMG Faculty and Staff


  • Take 3 courses (Pre-Calculus I and II and Calculus I) and condense them into 2 semesters
  • Curriculum contextualized to Engineering/Computer Science/STEM careers
  • Consistent Faculty Presence throughout 2 semesters
  • Create a learning community of STEM-majored students to journey together
  • Block Scheduling/Guaranteed Registration
  • Provide exposure to careers, extra academic support, math help, career skills workshops and speakers, and tutoring.
  • Opportunity to compete for paid summer internships at partner employers such as Livermore National Laboratory, Lam Research, SLAC and others...


Fall 2021

  • Engineering Cohort
    • Engineering 101 Introduction to Engineering
    • Math 186 Pre-Calculus I
    • Math 187 Pre-Calculus II
  • Computer Science Cohort
    • CS 102 Introduction to Programming using C++
    • Math 186 Pre-Calculus I
    • Math 187 Pre-Calculus II

Spring 2022

  • Engineering Cohort
    • Math 101a - Calculus I
    • Engineering 115 - Engineering Graphics and Design 
  • Computer Science Cohort
    • Math 101a - Calculus I
    • Computer Science 116 - C++ Programming


To be eligible for OMG, you must:

  • Be a full-time Ohlone student for Fall 2021/2022
  • Be eligible to take Math 186 (Pre-Calculus I) in Fall 2021
  • Be a declared STEM Major, or express a strong interest in a STEM field
  • Commit to attending all OMG Program Components (math classes, tutoring, 1-on-1 meetings with program staff)
  • Students will be contacted for a conversation to make sure that OMG is the right fit.


Contact Jeff O'Connell at joconnell@ohlone.edu for more information.