Welcome to Ohlone College Guided Pathways!

Guided Pathways is a framework that supports Ohlone’s commitment to “Student’s First!”. The Guided Pathways framework centers on supporting student success by focusing on making degree completion and transfer more equitable, accessible, and transparent, as well as more student-centered approaches to support services and resources.

What is Guided Pathways all about?

Check out this insightful video from the California Community College Chancellor’s office to learn more about how Guided Pathways supports student success.

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Guided Pathways at Ohlone

Why is Guided Pathways important?

The work of Guided Pathways involves everyone at Ohlone College because we all play a role in supporting student success. It is up to all of us to create a safe, transparent, inviting, inclusive, and accessible student experience.

Four Pillars of Guided Pathways

One of the key concepts to the Guided Pathways framework to support student success are the Four Pillars of Guided Pathways. The Four Pillars – Clarify the path, Enter the path, Stay on the path, and Ensure learning – provide intentional focus and direction for how Ohlone College can create a more equitable, accessible, and transparent pathways to support student success.

Guided Pathways journey at Ohlone College itinerary (goals) for 2021 – 2022

Building - >  campus wide partnerships

  • Guided Pathways is all about building relationships – building relationships with our students and with each other. Last year, Guided Pathways intentionally reached out across campus to inform and support other departments about Ohlone's efforts to align with Guided Pathways. For this academic year, Ohlone College will continue to focus on building partnerships across campus and engaging in discussions about how to take a more holistic approach to serving our students. While building relationships, we are also breaking down silos and creating opportunities for collaboration across campus about how and why Guided Pathways can more effectively help Ohlone support student success.

Continuing conversations

  • Guided Pathways emphasizes transparency, including transparency in communication. Ohlone College is using the Guided Pathways framework to facilitate conversations about our communities priorities, specifically equity and student success. The focus for this academic year is to continue to work together on efforts to align our processes, procedures, practices, and messages to the 4 Pillars to create a consistent, coherent, student centered educational experience. To further support and complement campus conversations and efforts, Ohlone College is also using the Completion by Design framework to align with the 4 Pillars of Guided Pathways.

Appreciative Inquiry in action

  • Ohlone College is using the Appreciative Inquiry approach as we engage in Guided Pathways efforts. Appreciative inquiry encourages focus and emphasis on the strengths of the community and how those strengths can provide innovative opportunities and exploration of creative possibilities. Using this approach has shaped campus conversations about effective strategies for serving students, including program mapping and creating a plan for Interest Area development.

Integration and alignment

  • As Ohlone College seeks to align with the Guided Pathways framework, the campus community continues to explore how to align and embed Guided Pathways principles to college processes, practices, and procedures. This work is a team effort, building upon collaborative partnerships across campus. Ohlone College is excited about the opportunities to work together to serve our students, as a team, and community.

GP @ Ohlone projects for 2021 - 2022

To achieve the Guided Pathways goals at Ohlone, the Guided Pathways taskforce is actively engaged in efforts and projects that follow the 4 Pillars of Guided Pathways and Completion by Design framework.

Pillar 1: clarify the path and Connection. Pillar 2: Enter the path and Entry. Pillar 3: Stay on the path and Progress. Pillar 4: Ensure learning and Completion.
Projects for 2021 - 2022 include:

  • Development of Interest Areas (“meta-majors”)
  • more Program mapping (esp. CE and local degrees and certificates)
  • Increasing the inclusion of student voices
  • Piloting case management approach to counseling
  • Website glow-up with Interest Areas and degree maps

For more information about how these projects follow the 4 Pillars, please check out the following slideshow.

Contact Info

Guided Pathways Co-Chairs:
Larissa Akiko Bailon Favela – Faculty Co-Chair
Melissa Cervantes – Admininistrative Co-Chair
Faculty Senate President: Kyle Livie