Ohlone College is committed to intentional, data informed, student centered, transparent, and holistic implementation of Guided Pathways on our campus. In order to address the needs and issues facing students at Ohlone, centering on student voices and using data specific to our campus community to inform Guided Pathways implementation, is paramount.

Data Coaches

Data coaches are faculty, staff, and/or administrators whose role is to facilitate conversations around data and be, in a sense, data advocates. The purpose of data coaches is to expand institutional capacity to interpret, analyze and utilize data to inform planning, assessment, and decision-making, especially for Guided Pathways implementation. 

GP Interns

Student voices and experiences are at the heart of Guided Pathways. To ensure that student voices and experiences are centered in Guided Pathways efforts, the taskforce developed an internship program. During their internship, students gain professional experience in collaborating and engaging in meetings and decision making. They develop, create, and/or collaborate on a Guided Pathways project or initiative, and practice presentation and facilitation skills. GP interns are also compensated for their contribution and participation.