The Ohlone Guided Pathways taskforce is here to support the Ohlone community as we implement Guided Pathways principles and design. These articles and resources are here to help inform, equip, and support you. Please let us know if there are specific materials and resources you would like us to explore. Contact GP Faculty Co-Chair Larissa Favela,


From Rostrum, the ASCCC newsletter:

Anti-racism and Guided Pathways Implementation – an article from ASCCC, November 2020

Explicit Bias – an article by Jessica Ayo Alabi (Orange Coast College & ASCCC Guided Pathways and Equity and Diversity Action Committee), Rostrum, July 2020

Guided Pathways data and faculty role – an article by Janet Fulks (Bakersfield College), Rostrum, February 2019

But we already do that! What’s new with Guided Pathways? – an article by Jeff Burdick (ASCCC Guided Pathways taskforce), Rostrum, April 2018


Additional Resources about Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways, Making the Case (Connects the educational outcomes of racial and ethnic groups to economic resources and makes the case for disruption of these economic outcomes through educational transformation through GP)

Separate & Unequal (Guided Pathways as a Core Equity approach that structurally addresses institutional racism)

Guided Pathways: The Case for Urgency

Opportunity Insights (several demographic data reports on economic opportunities, education, and policy outcomes)

What is the Pathway Model? (American Association of Community Colleges and Community College Research Center)

Redesigning America’s Community Colleges

Why Pathways? (links to multiple resources)

Community College Research Center (You will find numerous resources and research papers from Columbia University’s Teachers College)

Ohlone’s Call to Action (Multiple resources on Equity, Anti-racism, and Curriculum Redesign are available)


Instructional Resources and Guided Pathways

Competency based education:

Competency based education at LA Trade Technical College  - CBE case study and discussion guide by Career Ladders Project (CLP), October 2020.

Competency based education network – website for CBE network, a network of colleges, organizations and individuals dedicated to realizing the potential of competency based education.

Direct assessment CBE: A blueprint for community college leaders - resource by JFF. org