To address Guided Pathways pillars 1 – Clarify the path, 3 – Stay on the Path, and 4 – Ensure Learning, Ohlone College has categorized our academic degrees and programs into Interest Areas. Interest Areas (or “meta-majors”) are collection of programs that lead to similar career pathways or have similar learning objectives, outcomes, content and/or resources.

Six Interest Areas have been identified, by Ohlone students and faculty, and endorsed by Ohlone’s Faculty Senate. Ohlone Interest Areas are:

  • Arts & Creative Industries
  • Business
  • Health & Wellness
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • STEM

OHLONE COLLEGE programs listed by interest areas flyer. Transcript: Arts & Creative Industries: Art, Broadcasting, Entertainment Design, Graphic Arts/Computer Graphics.& Multimedia, Interior Design, Music, Photography, and Theater & Dance. Business: Business Administration, Business Administration Management, Real Estate, Work Experience Education. Health & Wellness: Allied Health, Athletics, Consumer and Family Sciences, Health, Kinesiology, Nursing, Physical Education, Physical Therapist Assistant, Respiratory Therapist

OHLONE COLLEGE programs listed by interest areas flyer part 2. Humanities: American Sign Language/Deaf Studies, Deaf Preparatory Program, English, English as a Second Language, Foreign Languages, Interpreter Training, Journalism, Library Science, Personal Development, Philosophy. Social Sciences: Administration of Justice, Chicano/Latino Studies, Communication Studies, Early Childhood Studies, Environmental Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, Geography, History, Political Sciences, Psychology, Sociology.  STEM: Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Applications and Occupational Technology, Computer Science, Computers, Networks and Emerging Technology, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Geology, Mathematics, Physics.

The process for conceiving, identifying, and developing these Interest Areas involved workshops, town halls, and retreats for students and faculty in 2018 – 2019.

Development of Interest Areas at Ohlone are ongoing. Stay tuned!