The Guided Pathways Task Force (Faculty Senate ad hoc Steering Committee) will provide strategic guidance on the Ohlone College Guided Pathways Work Plan through broad, and inclusive discussions between faculty, staff, administration, and students. This will include advice on the annual work plan budget allocation as well as feedback on the selection, implementation, and assessment of plan activities. The taskforce may also recommend the creation of workgroups (including membership and charge) to facilitate broad institutional dialogue on the Ohlone Guided Pathways model.


The Guided Pathways Task Force (ad hoc Steering Committee) is a subcommittee of the Ohlone College Faculty Senate. The Guided Pathways Task Force will report its findings and recommendations to the Faculty Senate, who must approve 10 + 1 items, as per Title V, 53200.


Voting membership will include the following:

  • 1 faculty member per academic division, plus 1 at-large faculty member from a department not already represented, plus 1 counselor
  • 2 Deans, 1 from Academic Affairs and 1 from Student Services
  • 2 Classified Staff
  • 2 Students
  • 1 Executive Dean of Academic Affairs and the Newark Center

The faculty member selected as the Guided Pathways Coordinator with reassign time will serve as co-chair with the Executive Dean, Academic Affairs and Newark Center. Ex-officio members:

  • Faculty Senate President
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Vice President of Student Services
  • College Council Faculty Co-Chair
  • Noncredit expert
  • Director, Career Center

2020 – 2021 Taskforce Membership

Carrie Dameron ( – Health Sciences
Larissa Favela ( – Language, Communication, & Academic Success, GP Co-Chair
Emmanuel Garcia ( – Science, Engineering, & Math
Yvonka Headley ( – Counseling and GP Mapping Coordinator
Matt O’Donnell ( – Kinesiology, Athletics, and Arts
David Topham ( – Business & Technology
vacant - Social Sciences
Isabel Reichert ( – At-large rep
Robert Gabriel ( – Instructional Dean
Andree Thomas ( – Student Services Dean
Emily Burns ( – Career Education Program and Services coordinator
Shirley Calvert ( – Student Pathways Apprenticeship Program Supervisor
Melissa Cervantes ( – GP Co-Chair Executive Dean of Equity, Inclusivity, and Campus Diversity

Ex-officio members:

Kyle Livie - Faculty Senate President
Tony Di Salvo - Vice President of Academic Affairs
Milton Lang - Vice President of Student Services
Jeffrey Roberts - College Council Faculty Co-Chair
Sara Goldware - Noncredit expert
Daniel Newell - Director, Career Center


Guiding Principles

The Guided Pathways taskforce came up with some guiding principles that will lead Guided Pathways implementation and efforts on Ohlone campus. These guiding principles reflect Ohlone College’s commitment to Guided Pathways, our community, and our values.  

  • Facilitating a supportive and inclusive campus culture that values diversity, encourages student expression and participation, and fosters a sense of belonging.   
  • Creating equitable and accessible opportunities that allow for academic and professional growth, civic engagement and the cultivation of life-long learning.  
  • Offering clear, inclusive pathways designed to support students' interests, personal growth, academic pursuits, and/or career goals, regardless of educational readiness or part-time/full-time status.  
  • Promoting the use of technology that is accessible, user-friendly, adaptable, and convenient.   
  • Supporting equity through robust, disaggregated, thoughtful, and contextualized data analysis to ensure student success.  
  • We are committed to creating a culture that acknowledges, identifies, and dismantles the ways in which we, as a community, participate in the systemically biased institutional legacies, actions, policies, and practices. We are committed to engaging in efforts that are anti-racist and ensure equity and justice for all. 


The Guided Pathways Steering Committee will meet on Fridays one to two times a month as needed.