The purpose of the Student Health Advisory Committee is two-fold: [1] Facilitate an organized dialogue between students, faculty and staff about student health and counseling needs to establish campus wide agenda to advance the health of students; and [2] Increase the ownership of student health by faculty, staff, and the student population. The following illustrates ongoing objectives of the committee:

  • Identify health educational needs of Ohlone Community
  • Identify and address barriers relared to seeking care
  • Provide input to student health services regarding budget issues
  • Discuss emerging student health issues
  • Review and support the formation of policies that will advance student wellness and mental health

Committee Charter

Committee Members

Amithi Chordiya Student Wellness Ambassador Public health major
Carissa Samuel (co-chair) Student Wellness Ambassador Biology major
Jane Mcintosh  Faculty  Physical Education
Jassi Kaur Faculty Consumer Family Sciences
Jeff O’Connell Faculty Mathematics
Jeff Roberts Faculty Physical Education
Jenny Schmidt Faculty Library
Jeremy Penaflor Faculty Athletics
Mandy Kwok-Yip (co-chair) Faculty Counseling and Student Success
Manija Ansari Faculty Student Accessibility Services
Milton Lang Administrator Office of Student Services
Nancy Dinsmore Faculty Nursing
Robin Kurotori Faculty Health, Fitness, & Wellness
Rosemary O'Neill Faculty Student Health Center
Sima Sarvari  Faculty Biology  
Yona Lo Student Wellness Ambassador Psychology major

Contact Information

For more information about the Student Health Advisory Committee or participation, please contact Sang Leng Trieu at strieu@ohlone.edu or 510.659.6258.

See the Student Health Advisory Committee Meeting Information for agendas and minutes.