Primary and urgent care services

Primary and urgent care services are available at Ohlone Student Health Center, including the following:

  • Nurse Practitioner assessment, evaluation, treatment and prescription for minor illness and minor injuries
  • Free physical exams and well checks
  • Low cost laboratory testing and screenings
  • Emergency triage and referrals for complex and emergency medical conditions
  • Free over-the-counter medications, band-aids, and condoms.

Over-the-counter products include:

Token Machine:

  • Pepto Bismol
  • Extra Strength Non-Aspirin pain relief tabs
  • Ibuprofen
  • Chlorphen
  • Aspirin Tablets
  • Sinus Decongestant
  • Diphen


  • Guaicon DMS
  • Eye Drops
  • Tootsie Pops
  • Band Aids, 2 sizes
  • Alcalak Tablets for heartburn, upset stomach
  • Tooth Picks
  • Ear Plugs
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Cough Drops
  • Cepacol
  • Hydrocortisone Cream 1%

To learn more about our services...

Check out our app to hear from your teachers at Ohlone on how to succeed in their class and also your peers on their thoughts on mental health. If you are receiving credit for completing this module, there will be space for you to provide your class information. 

Limited Telehealth appointments are available starting July 29, 2021. Please call or email for availability.

Preventive medicine

Preventative medicine consists of measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment. Preventative medicine activities at the Ohlone Student Health center include immunizations, weight management/nutritional counseling, disease screening and physical checkups.

Flu vaccine: Ohlone Student Health Center offers the annual flu vaccine to Ohlone College students and employees. The cost for a flu shot is $10 for students and $20 for Ohlone employees. More information about the influenza vaccine can be found at:

Immunizations: The Student Health Center offers several other vaccines in addition to flu vaccination, including Hepatitis A and B, measles mumps and rubella (MMR), and the tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (TDAP) vaccination. Students who require other vaccination are encouraged to call the health center to be appropriately referred.

Weight management: A healthy weight, good nutrition and exercise are important aspects of wellness that are essential to academic success. Students who would like assistance and guidance in improving their health should contact the health center for an appointment.

Disease screening: Ohlone Student Health Center offers several disease screenings on site, including tuberculosis screening, colon cancer screening, hypertension screening, and cervical cancer screening. Students requiring other disease screening tests can be referred by the Student Health Center.

Checkups: Even healthy individuals benefit from regular medical checkups. Every student who pays the student health fee as part of their tuition is entitled to physical exams or checkups with a Nurse Practitioner at the Student Health Center.

Reproductive and sexual health

Ohlone Student Health Center enrolls eligible students in the Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment (Family PACT)* program. Through Family PACT, students may receive FDA approved forms of contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing with counseling, preconception counseling, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, cancer screening and HIV screening. Individual client reproductive health education and counseling is an ongoing component of all services. All of these services are completely confidential and at no cost to the student. The majority of students will qualify for this program.

*Note that FPACT is a Medi-cal program

Students who are interested in enrolling the Family PACT program are welcome to call the health center for an appointment; eligibility paperwork can be completed at the visit.

Sexual assault resources

Sexual assault can happen to anyone, regardless of sexual experience, sexual orientation, or gender identification. Survivors of sexual assault often are confused about what to do next, and may find themselves questioning whether what happened was really assault at all, especially if the assailant was an acquaintance. If you have been a victim of sexual assault, please consider taking the following steps:

  • Get to a safe place: this could be home, a friend’s home, the police station, or a hospital
  • Call 911 if you need immediate protection and/or assistance
  • Seek medical care: whether or not you choose to report the assault, medical care is recommended for STI screening, emergency contraception if indicated, and the evaluation and treatment of injuries.
  • Counseling is often helpful for survivors, as it provides a safe space to discuss experiences and feelings. Mental health counseling is offered at Ohlone Student Health Center, and the center can also refer students to off campus mental health resources.
  • We only accept cash, checks, and moeny orders

While the Student Health Center is open to any student who has been a victim of sexual assault, we also recommend the following resources for survivors:

Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR) is a full service rape crisis center. All services are free and confidential. They include:

  • 24 hour sexual assault hotline (510) 845-RAPE (7273)
  • Liaison/escort to hospital, police station and courtroom
  • Individual counseling for survivors and significant others
  • Information, referrals, written materials and bibliographies

Ohlone’s tobacco-free campus policy

Ohlone Community College District is a designated smoke-free district.  Smoking is prohibited in all college vehicles, buildings, indoor and outdoor facilities, disabled and general use parking lots, and all open areas of district property.  View the administrative procedure.

If you would like to quit smoking, we can help. Call the Student Health Center at (510)-662-8887. Or, call the California’s Smokers’ Helpline at 800-NO-BUTTS (800-662-8887). The California Helpline will put you in touch with a trained professional who will help you create a personal quit plan. The quit line is available in five different languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese) and is available to anyone in California, whether you currently smoke, have quit, or want information for a friend or relative.

If you have received a citation for a smoking and tobacco-use policy violation and this is your second offense, note that this citation includes a $100 fine.  This fine can be waived upon completion of a free 17 minute online smoking cessation education video.  At the end of the video, there is a link to a quiz.  Upon completion of this educational module and accompanying quiz, you may pick up your certificate of completion at the Student Health Center on the Fremont campus which you can then take to the Campus Police office to get your fine waived.  

View the online smoking cessation education module.