How to Become a Peer Mentor

The Peer Mentor position is a paid leadership position on campus. Below are the steps to take if you are interested in joining our team!

Step 1: Complete a Peer Mentor Application.

Go to the online Peer Mentor Application.

Step 2: Qualified students will be called in for an interview.

Interviews are informal and will be with the Peer Mentor Advisor and a current Peer Mentor. The purpose of the interview is to learn more about you and to hear about your experiences that will make you a successful Peer Mentor.

Step 3: Volunteer.

Volunteer during Freshman Days to ensure that the program is a good fit (during this event, you will get exposed to New Student Orientation workshops, parent and family interactions, high school students, and meet Ohlone College counselors).

Step 4: Complete necessary paperwork.

If you become part of the program, you will need to complete paperwork. New Peer Mentors who are paid for their work will need to bring their completed paperwork and additional documentation to Human Resources (Building 19, Fremont campus) before starting work.

Step 5: Welcome to the program!