Welcome to Ohlone College! We are excited to have you join Ohlone College's team! Your HR/Benefits Representative will discuss the benefits available to you; however, below are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Am I eligible to enroll in full-time benefits?

Regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible to enroll in Medical (includes prescription drugs); Dental, Vision; Life Insurance; Long Term Disability, EAP, flexible spending accounts (FSA); a commuter benefit; 403(b)/457; and the employee retirement system (CalPERS/CalSTRS).

How long do I have to enroll in benefits?

You must enroll within 60 days of your hire or re-hire date. Elections made after the 60th day will not be accepted. After 60 days, you cannot enroll unless you have a qualified status change. See list of qualifying events (PDF).

When will my benefits start?

Start Date for Benefits
Benefits Benefit Effective Date
Medical 1st of the month following date of hire
Life Insurance and AD&D
Long Term Disability
Flexible Spending Accounts (including Limited Purpose FSA)
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) On your date of hire
Retirement CalPERS/CalSTRS

What should I enroll in?

Ohlone College cannot provide advice or guidance on what plans to enroll in, but we do make the following recommendations for all new hires as they consider their choices:

Do now

Select your Medical plan

Determine which medical plans are best for you and your family. Once you've made your decisions, fill out the Universal Enrollment Form (XLS). Give your completed form to your HR Benefits Officer during your new hire meeting.

Enroll in Dental and Vision plan

If you are a full-time employee, you dental and vision benefits are paid for by Ohlone College; therefore, you must enroll in Ohlone's dental and vision plan. If you are a part-time employee, you have the option to not enroll in dental and vision benefits. See what you will pay, as a part-time employee, for your dental and vision benefit. Use the same form (for medical) (XLS) to enroll in your dental and vision plan.

Enroll in Basic Life/AD&D and Long Term Disability Insurance

Basic Life insurance and Long Term Disability (LTD) provide additional financial protection for employees and their families. Review your Long-Term Disability benefits.

Download and complete the basic life and LTD enrollment form (PDF) and return it to the HR Department.

Review your CalPERS or CalSTRS Retirement Benefit

CalPERS Retirement Benefits

CalPERS offers a "defined benefit" plan which provides benefits that are calculated using a "defined formula," rather than contributions and earnings to a savings plan. More information is available at www.calpers.ca.gov. Complete the CalPERS Self-Certification form (PDF) and return it to HR.

CalSTRS Retirement Benefits

CalSTRS offers a "defined benfefit" plan that provides retirement, survivor and disability benefits. Your Defined Benefit retirement benefit is based on a formula set by law using your age, service credit and final compensation. More information is available at www.calstrs.com.


Contacting the Employee Assistance Program

Call the Ohlone's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), administered by CONCERN, to help manage stress, ease into a work/life balance, find childcare, or receive counseling. Visit www.concern-eap.com or call (800) 344-4222 to get started.

Participating in supplemental retirement plans

Consider enrolling in Ohlone's supplemental 403(b)/457 retirement plans. The plans allow participants to make tax-sheltered contributions to a retirement account. More information is available at Retirement Benefits.

Participate in voluntary benefit/programs

Section 125

Flexible spending accounts for health and dependent care expenses can help you save money. More information is available at Section 125. If you are interested in enrolling in Section 125/Flexible Spending Accounts, please download the Section 125 Interest Form (PDF) and give it to your HR Benefits Officer during your new hire meeting.

Supplemental life insurance

Plan for the unexpected by purchasing supplemental life insurance through UNUM. More information is available at Life Insurance Benefits. If you are interested in purchasing supplemental life insurance, download the enrollment form (PDF) and give it to your HR Benefits Officer during your new hire meeting.

Commuter Benefit

Commuting to work each day can be expensive. The commuter benefit program will help you save money on your commuting costs along with the convenience of automated electronic fulfillment. MyCommuterCheck provides Vouchers, Debit Cards and electronic loading of select Smart Cards for a number of transit authorities through an easy on-line enrollment and benefit management program. We are also committed to preserving the environment and reducing its carbon footprint and wants to encourage its employees to contribute to these efforts by taking public transportation. Together we can save money and the environment at the same time.

More information about the Commuter Benefit including how to enroll online.

Employee Wellness Membership

Take advantage of the excellent health and wellness programs and classes offered at Ohlone College through the registration form available on the Employee Fitness and Wellness website and give it to your HR Benefits Officer during your new hire meeting.

SOAR Contribution

SOAR stands for Social Ohlone And Recognition. SOAR is committed to increasing the morale of Ohlone College employees by sponsoring social gatherings, as well as recognizing and acknowledging groups and individuals. All SOAR events are financed exclusively through donations by faculty, staff, and administration.

See also the SOAR website.

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