Ohlone College provides several options for medical coverage. If you elect medical coverage through Ohlone Colege your contributions toward costs (if any) are made on a before-tax basis, lowering your taxable income.

Benefit plans can be affected by life event changes. Generally, when you enroll in benefits as a new employee, you cannot make any changes until the next Open Enrolment period. However, if you experience a qualified change in status you can make mid-year changes. Please see List of Qualifying Events (PDF).

Available Medical Plans

Medical Plans for Classified Employees (CSEA and SEIU)

Medical Plans for DDAS and Faculty

Enrollment/Change Form

If you want to enroll or make changes to your medical please use the Universal Enrollment Form (XLS).

How Much Do I Pay For My Benefits?

Please use the Health Benefits Cost Calculation Worksheet to determine what your contribution are, if any, towards your health benefits.

The amount of your contribution will depend on several factors:

  1. Whether you are full-time or part-time
  2. What employee group you belong to (i.e. Classified, Management, Confidentials, or Faculty)
  3. What medical plan you choose

These worksheets will help you determine your cost:

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