Classification Study

We have begun a district-wide Classification Study (what is it?) for classified employees and managers. We are very excited about this project and look forward to your participation.

Classification Study Advisory Committee Members

Members of 2014 Classification Study Advisory Committee
Last Name First Name Title Type
Carli Gale Dean, Health Sciences and Environmental Studies Academic Dean
Druley Jennifer Senior Human Resources Specialist Alternate for HR
Foster Shelby Confidential Staff Assistant, President's Office Confidential
Lieu Mark Dean, Language and Communication Academic Dean
Mamou Narda Workability III Job Placement Specialist CSEA
Murphy Gweneth Safety Officer II SEIU
Schurtz David Facility Maintenance Mechanic I SEIU
Travenick Ron Vice President, Student Services Administrator
Weaver Laura Dean, Enrollment Services Classified Management
Whitehouse Jackie Executive Assistant, Foundation CSEA
Zingsheim Shairon Associate Vice President, Human Resources Classified Management

Classification Study Information

Position Information Questionnaire

After completing the Position Information Questionnaire, please sign the original, make a hard copy for yourself, and send the original to your manager. The questionnaire must be completed and turned into your manager no later than 5:00pm on Friday, April 18, 2014.

Classification Study Meeting Videos

We held a series of meetings to explain the process, answer questions, and provide instructions for completing the Position Information Questionnaire. If you were unable to attend a meeting or would like to review the recorded meeting, please view the archived meetings below:

What is a Classification Study?

A classification study is a the process of studying, analyzing, and describing the nature and level of work performed by employees. Ohlone's Classification Study will ultimately produce uniformed job descriptions for every employee. The job descriptions will also ensure that the essential job functions are stated as well as the physical conditions under which each position works. The study is for all permanent classified employees (SEIU and CSEA) and all managers (DDAS).

The main goals of Ohlone's Classification Study are:

  1. Accurate job descriptions that accurately describes the employee's duties.
  2. Provides a system for the future whereby the district can use when creating new classifications.

The classification study will also include a compensation study that will provide information on what other places are paying employees who are performing similar duties. The District will use this information to ensure that our employees are adequately compensated. Compensation will need to be negotiated with the respective unions.

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