Posters/Fact Sheets:

We recognize that with our current shelter in place orders, entire families are competing for work, play, and study spaces. Employees are encouraged to work at a desk or table. If choices in your home are limited, these resources below will help optimize your set-up to improve comfort and efficiency:

Ergonomic Virtual Assessment:

We have partnered with Keenan Safety to provide a virtual home office ergonomics assessment. Prior to the evaluation, you are required to complete a self-assessment and training videos. After you complete the self-assessment and training videos, you will be able to request a virtual ergonomics assessment. Please complete the Preparation for Ergonomic Evaluation form to initiate your ergonomic assessment request.

Zoom Meetings:

We have partnered with Keenan Safety to provide zoom meetings to answer your questions regarding home office ergonomics. Ergo Q&A sessions are held via zoom so that employees can ask questions and get advice on how to work more comfortably and efficiently from home. Click below to view dates, time, and RSVP for the ergonomics training. Sign Up For Zoom Ergonomics Training:

Meeting ID: 875 3066 6563

Passcode: 349761

Registration Link:

Tailored department-level trainings are also available upon request by the Dean/Manager. Please contact Joanne Gapuz for more information.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I need certain office furniture during the Shelter-in-Place, can HR purchase it for me?

HR can only purchase office equipment (i.e. chair, sit stand station, desk, and so forth) if it goes through the accommodation process and is accompanied by a doctor’s note. In other words, it’s a request for a reasonable accommodation. The doctor’s note should state what the employee can or cannot do/limitations.

The process will look something like this:

  • Employee lets manager/dean know about the accommodation request.

  • Employee completes the Reasonable Accommodation Request Form and returns it to HR with a doctor’s note. The Doctor’s note must only contain information regarding the limitations of work that can be performed due to employee’s medical condition. The employee cannot simply state that he/she needs a sit stand station as a form of accommodation. Accommodation is an interactive process and it’s meeting in the middle to find a solution that works best for both parties while still performing main work duties.

  • HR, employee, and Dean have meetings to determine what can be done to assist with the accommodation (i.e. reduced schedule, more breaks to stand up, and so forth).

Q: I want a sit stand station at home, however, the request is not related to a medical condition or an accommodation request, what are my options?

  • You may discuss this request with your dean or manager. Your dean or manager may not be able to provide the exact sit stand station that you want, but perhaps there are other cost-effective options.

  •  You may also contact Administrative Services, Leticia Perez and/or Alex Lebedeff, to inquire if there are existing equipment and/or furniture (on campus or in the warehouse) that are currently available for you to borrow or use.

  • If the college does not have the appropriate furniture you need you may also contact Leticia Perez to inquire if your home office furniture request qualifies to be purchased via the CARES Act. This request must be made from your manager/dean to Leticia Perez, and has to be approved by the VP of Administrative and Technology Services.

  • You may also check out our telecommute tips series fact sheets. Please see Resources Section. It provides in-depth suggestions on how to improve your home work area and optimizing computer workstation.

  • You may also check out our partner’s Keenan site that provides resources which can improve your remote working environment:

Q: I want to pick up my chair and/or other furniture from my office during the shelter-in-place, is this possible?

If your office furniture weighs less than 25 lbs and have discussed this with your manager/dean, you may complete an online form to request approval for pick-up. Items weighing more than 25 pounds may be picked up only on a case by case basis with safety of the employee as the most important consideration, and the ability to load and unload into a vehicle and maintaining the six feet of social distancing as the other primary concern.

If your office furniture weighs less than 25 lbs pounds and you have discussed this with your manager/dean, you may do the following:

  • Agree on a date/time for pick-up

  • Complete the online Furniture/Equipment Pick-Up Request Form. Please note that after you submit your request online, your manager/dean will still be asked to formally approve of the request online as well. You will be asked to verify/confirm that the furniture belongs to the District and are required to return the furniture once shelter-in-place is lifted.

Q: If the District purchases a furniture for me, to work at home, due to an accommodation request why do I have to return it after the shelter-in-place is over?

These items are purchased with public funds and therefore are considered District property and needs to be returned. All equipment provided to the employee by the District for use at a remote work station is District property and must be returned when the employee is no longer working remotely or when the employee separates from the District. The employee is legally bound to return all District property. The manager, dean or division designee is responsible for retrieving all property.

Q: I’m experiencing discomfort, what can I do or what is available to me?

First must inform your supervisor/manager if you are experiencing discomfort. Afterwards, we have the following resources available:

  • Request a virtual ergo assessment to help improve your current remote work space. Please complete the Virtual Ergo Assessment Form Request.

  • Attend an ergonomics zoom meeting/training that is offered by our Keenan Ergonomics Specialist. The ergonomics zoom meeting is currently offered twice a month. Tailored department-level trainings are also available upon request by the Dean/Manager. Please contact Joanne Gapuz for more information.

  • View our list of resources available relating to ways you can optimize your set up to maximize comfort and efficiency, including videos and fact sheets.