Laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act and California Fair Employment and Housing Act require an employer such as Ohlone Community College District to provide reasonable accommodations to employees and others with disabilities, who are otherwise qualified to perform their duties.

Ohlone will make reasonable accommodation(s) for the known physical or mental limitations of an individual with a disability who is an applicant, employee, contractor, intern, or volunteer, unless undue hardship would result, to the extent required by applicable law.

Any individual who requires an accommodation should contact Ohlone College's Human Resource Department and request such an accommodation, preferably in writing on the form available in HR. The individual with the disability should specify what accommodation(s) he or she believes is necessary to perform the duties and a description of the functional limitations warranting the accommodations requested. Such requests are confidential.

Ohlone College may require individuals to provide additional information about the qualifying disability, such as a medical verification that includes a description of physical or mental limitations (but not the diagnosis or nature of the disability). For reasonable accommodations extending beyond one year, we may ask for medical documents substantiating the need for continued reasonable accommodations on a yearly basis.

Ohlone may also schedule a medical examination with a contracted health care provider. The exam will be job-related and consistent with business necessity, meaning the exam will be limited to determining the functional limitation that requires reasonable accommodation or determining if the employee is fit for duty. If Ohlone requires an employee to go to such an exam, Ohlone will pay all costs and will allow the employee to use paid sick leave for the time at the visit.

Once an individual submits a request for an accommodation, Human Resources will review the request and schedule a meeting during which the individual, Human Resources, and the supervisor will discuss ways to assist the individual complete job duties.

Ohlone will determine possible accommodations, if any, that will help eliminate or diminish the limitation. If the accommodation is reasonable, allows the individual to perform the essential functions, and will not impose an undue hardship, Ohlone will make the accommodation.

Private and confidential medical information related to the disability will be maintained in a locked and confidential file location separate from the individual’s personnel file.

The individual can schedule a meeting with a Human Resources representative to discuss any concerns or questions.

To access the reasonable accommodation request form, please click below:

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)


Please contact Human Resources at 510-659-6088 or email for more information.

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