The Ohlone strives to offer a family-friendly environment for its faculty, staff and students. Nursing mothers have access to a lactation room on both the Fremont and Newark campuses.Lactation Room sign.

Procedures to Reserve a Lactation Room

Our process for individuals to use the lactation room is:

  1. Contact HR at (510) 659-6088 and request to use the room. Provide HR with the date and time the individual would need to use the room.
  2. HR will let Campus Police know so that they are aware and can open the room at the Newark campus (Health Services Department) for the assigned time requested.

Locations of Lactation Rooms

Fremont Campus

Room 19-118, Building 19. Human Resources will have access to unlock the room.


You should enter the campus via the south entrance, which is Pine Street, off Mission Blvd. Afterwards, make the first left turn onto Parking Lot "H"; please park in one of the parking slots that has "Human Resources" marked on the pavement. Should these spaces be taken, please park elsewhere except for Disabled Parking unless you are legally eligible to park in those spaces. Upon entering the building, you will see a big lobby area; please walk towards the left hallway after you pass the lobby area. Continue to walk all the way to the end of the hallway. Our HR department is located on the right hand side at the end of the long hallway. You will see signs pointing you towards the HR department. Please see front desk for further assistance. Please refer to Fremont campus map.

Newark Campus

Room NC1214, Student Health Center, first floor, Wing 2. HR will notify Campus Police to unlock the room.


The Student Health Center, Room NC1214, is located on first floor in Wing 2. Please refer to Newark campus map.