Important Dates/Deadlines for Financial Aid - Transfer Center


  • Begin researching scholarships offered by local community service organizations and businesses.
  • Research military and veteran education benefits and cooperative education programs
  • Develop a calendar of important deadlines for both college admission and financial aid


  • Ask professors, counselors, and employers for letters of recommendations to be used for any scholarship applications requiring a letter or two.
  • Begin writing scholarship and college application essays


  • UC applications provide an opportunity for students to indicate if they want to be considered for particular campus-based scholarships.
  • Complete the FAFSA on the Web worksheet - will have all necessary information available when ready to complete the FAFSA starting January 1.
  • Check to find out if Ohlone will submit your verified Cal Grant GPA electronically for you or if you need to submit it using the paper form.
  • Request any supplemental financial aid forms your college may require.


  • Continue to research outside scholarship availabilities and write any necessary essays.
  • Contact individual campuses for any individual scholarship application processes they might have.


  • Submit the online FAFSA, starting January 1, and Cal Grant GPA Verification form for upcoming Fall semester.
  • Attend a FAFSA workshop for transfers, provided by Ohlone.
  • Respond quickly to any requests for additional information from private scholarship organizations, the California Student Aid Commission, etc.

Mid-late January

March 2nd

  • Priority deadline for FAFSA and Cal Grant GPA Verification forms. Applications turned in by this date have access to the maximum funds available, including Cal Grant aid. It Pays to Apply On Time! (PDF)
  • Review your Student Aid Report (SAR) - sent to you within three weeks of submitting a paper FAFSA or sooner for a submitted online FAFSA. Follow the instructions if you need to correct or update any information.
  • Be sure you and your parents have filed your tax return(s) so that you will have the final information available to update/correct your FAFSA application.


  • UC Financial Aid award letters mailed to students or made available online. Attend a workshop to better understand your financial aid package.
  • Requests for additional documentation mailed to some applicants for financial aid, needing immediate response.
  • Evaluate all financial aid offers carefully. Ask questions!
  • Sign and return your college's financial aid award letter, if required.


  • Notify campus and financial aid office if you change your email or mailing address.
  • Report any additional scholarships or resources you receive to your college's financial aid office.
  • Prepare a spending plan!
  • If applicable, complete your student loan promissory note. Be sure to borrow only what you need.

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