How to Apply to Ohlone College

The following application is for students who intend to apply for an F-1 student visa, or already have an F-1 student visa. Applicants can either apply to the English Language Institute (ELI) or an Ohlone College Academic Degree Program by following these steps:

  1. Download the International Student Application (PDF)

  2. Complete and submit the International Student Application and all the supporting documents (see the complete list of supporting documents in the Application Checklist on page 3 of the application) to In the email Subject Line include: Applicant's full name, Program (ELI or Degree Program), and Start Term.

Admitted students will receive an Ohlone College Acceptance Packet. The Acceptance Packet will include:

  • An Ohlone College Form I-20
  • An Admission letter from Ohlone College
  • Information on new International Student Orientation (usually one week before the start of classes)
  • Information on class registration, health insurance, and other related matters
  • Information on how to apply for an F-1 Student Visa


International Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Application Process:

In addition to completing the International Student Application and providing the supporting documents outlined in our Application Checklist as listed above, deaf and hard of hearing applicants must also complete and submit the International Deaf Student Application (PDF)

Questions about the International Deaf Student Application or deaf student services at Ohlone College may be directed to Nan Zhou, Ohlone College Deaf Studies Counselor, at

Individuals that would like to apply to Ohlone College and do not need to change their visa type to F-1, can complete the Ohlone College Enrollment Process online. More information about this application process is available through Admissions and Records



Please see the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Office of International Programs and Services by calling (510) 659-6439 or sending an email to

Degree & ELI Program Applications and Admissions Questions

Name Contact
Chanelle Trowbridge
International Programs Admissions Coordinator
Building 7, 2nd floor, room 7227, Fremont campus

International Programs, Immigration, and Visa Questions

Name Contact
Kristi Radke
International Programs Manager
Building 7, 2nd floor, room 7228, Fremont campus