Many Ohlone College international students attend Ohlone in order to complete the first 2 years of higher education, then transfer to a 4-year university. This is often referred to as the "2 PLUS 2" plan: students complete the first 2 years of coursework of their Bachelor's degree program at Ohlone College, then they complete the last 2 years at the university to which they transfer. The amount of time required to complete this coursework varies by student, depending upon how successful he or she is in her classes.

Students are assisted in developing a "Transfer Plan" by an Ohlone College Academic Advisor. Ohlone College Academic Advisors are experienced professionals whose job it is to help students reach their educational goals.

Detailed information on how Ohlone College can serve international students by preparing them to transfer to universities in the University of California system, the California State University system, or private 4-year universities in and out of California, is available at the Ohlone College Transfer Center website.

View a short video about transferring from Ohlone College to 4-year university.

You may also wish to check the Transfer Center Facebook page, to learn about Ohlone College Transfer Center events!

Transfer Tips Video

University of California System

UC: University of California.


California State University System

CSU: The California State University working for california.