Mentorship/Internship: As part of your education, you will complete a mentorship with Deaf professionals (second semester of your 1st year) and an internship with certified interpreters (second semester of your 2nd year). We consider these experiences to be a vital part of your learning experience, and we have regularly gotten feedback that it is these intensive community placements that set this program apart from others. You will participate in a total of 325 on-site hours by the end of the 2 years. Throughout these placements, you will have continued contact with your faculty supervisor via online and in-person meetings, and you will be completing required discussion and writing assignments.

Mentorships/Internships provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Polish your language and cultural skills
  • Acquire practical work experience
  • Apply theory and classroom learning to actual interpreting situations
  • Learn more about the industry from working with professionals in a variety of settings
  • Identify areas of interest or specialization
  • Network with the local community and develop contacts with professionals
  • Learn and improve specific skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork
  • Increase marketability and value to employers
  • Develop professionalism and other job skills

Mentorship: This course is designed to provide IPP students with a variety of experiences working with Deaf adults in different professional settings. Professionals within the Deaf community have graciously volunteered their time to work with our students. The focus is on polishing ASL skills and improving cultural competence. Most of students’ placement work will be assisting Deaf mentors as needed with various activities. Students may be provided the opportunity to do some low-risk interpreting as appropriate. A weekly seminar is included to process experiences and discuss any issues or points of interest. The mentorship consists of 3 placements of 5 weeks each, totalling 145 hours of mentorship hours.

Internship: This course is designed to give IPP students a concentrated field experience in interpreting. The focus is on developing and applying interpreting skills to real-world settings. The student will be paired with an on-site mentor (either a certified interpreter or an interpreter coordinator) who will directly supervise the work. Student interns will carefully observe the interpreting work in the setting to be able to discuss and process later. They will have opportunities to interpret as appropriate, with the mentor available to support the work and provide any necessary repairs. A weekly online check-in with supervising faculty is included. Students will spend 180 hours working in at least two facilities providing ASL-English interpreting services to Deaf and hearing individuals. During the internship, other coursework will be suspended or reduced in order to permit students to dedicate the time and energy needed for the internship.

Please note: There are costs and travel expenses associated with these placements. Many placements require proof of TB testing within 6 months and fingerprinting. Many have fees for parking. You will be responsible for transportation, appropriate attire, and other needs that arise during your placement. We do have funding available via the Shelley Lawrence Scholarship to help defray your out-of-pocket costs. If you are interested in applying for the Shelley Lawrence Scholarship, please contact your academic counselor for more information.